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  1. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #77: Sarah Parmenter

    Jeffrey Zeldman interviews returning guest Sarah Parmenter (.net magazine designer of the year) about designing an app for the homeless; the challenges of multi-device design; teaching HTML and CSS to young people; designing an extremely high-profile multi-platform, multiple magazine newsreader app; the ideal number of employees for a small design studio; Brooklyn vs. Leigh-on-Sea; steeping yourself in platforms you don't use personally; her role as a judge in an upcoming British TV series about design and technology; the increasing complexity of digital design; comping, collaborative, and presentational tools and processes; and more.

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  2. 040: with Laura Kalbag - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by Laura Kalbag, a freelance designer from Surrey in the UK. She’s done some work you might be familiar with, like the “Future Of …” conference websites. Laura talks about responsive design and what it’s like being a web designer in a modern and fresh way.

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  3. 006: With Zoe Gillenwater - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by Zoe Gillenwater who we like to think of as one of the mothers of responsive design, in that she was talking and writing books about responsible fluid layouts for quite a long time. Add some media queries and you have what is essentially modern day responsive design.

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