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  1. Van Halen Tour Stories with Tom Weber and Greg Rule | Interview

    The Jeremy White Podcast and Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon present guitar tech Tom Weber and keyboard/playback tech Greg Rule!


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    This is one of the BEST Van Halen related conversations you will find online. Tom Weber, Eddie Van Halen’s last guitar tech debunk’s stories about his set up and rig. We also clear up the story about the infamous KEYBOARD accident in 2007, the monitor throwing incident that caused #EddieVanHalen to rupture an ear drum and more. Buckle in for over two hours of THE MIGHTY, VAN HALEN!

    #TomWeber talks about how badly touring personal are suffering from not being able to work. Millions around the world are hurting BADLY financially and with the odds of touring not coming back anytime soon, they will continue to suffer.

    22:02 - Infamous KEYBOARD incident 29:46 - The GIANT BUG story in Kansas City 33:51 - Greg’s first meeting with Edward Van Halen 36:17 - Tom’s first day with Van Halen 39:33 - Setting up Edward’s guitar for the first time 44:14 - Ed’s insane memory of meeting people 47:06 - Temper Tuning of Edward’s Guitars - 14 cents out of tune 49:35 - EVH LIVE Guitar Tone and AMPS 59:39 - Going to TOTO for Advice and using TOT…

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