Being Transformed into the Image of Jesus Christ Part 3 of 4

Part 3 of 4. A four part series by Dan Mohler given in 2014. Dan Mohler teaches the transformation into the image of Jesus Christ through our relationship with Him by the power of the Holy Spirit. Dan Mohler teaches that God's grace allows us to live a transformed life. Sadly this is not what much of Christianity (especially in this nation) teaches today. God is love and love is mentioned throughout the New Testament so coming into the image of Jesus Christ is becoming love. Dan teaches what the bible says about love which is love is death to self, love does not record wrongs, it is patient, kind. Love doesn't mean we live in sin and everything goes but it also doesn't mean that love is judgmental, critical, scratch my back I'll scratch yours, etc. As you are seeking the Lord and a closer walk with Him, I believe that these teachings will encourage you and I pray that you will receive revelations that will bless you!

While Dan Mohler shares some important truths no one man has 100% of the truth. It is Christ in us the hope of glory and we are being transformed into His image as we walk with Him. If something does not line up with what you believe I ask that you set it aside and go to the Lord and His word to settle it. Seek the Lord and Love the truth and it will set you free!!

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