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  1. St. Patrick’s Day Oddio Comic Re-post: Green Lantern #14!

    Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with some a Guinness and this classic Green Lantern Oddio Comic! This issue, Hal, Jack and Jim Jordan head out on a hunting trip with their fraternity rings. On their return, Hal and Jim get their rings mixed up, leaving Jim with Hal’s power ring. When Jim is captured by thieves, Hal has to save his life without his own ring. Erin Go Bragh, Hal Jordan. Erin Go Bragh.

    Green Lantern #14 and many other classic GL stories can be found in the pages of Green Lantern Omnibus from DC. Click on the title to buy from Amazon and help the League out. Sliante’

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  2. Alan “Old Green Lantern” Scott, X-Men Sequels & Batman Annual - LeaguePodcast #117 - Dursin’s Final Thought

    A different day of the week calls for a different kind of podcast. We discuss Alan "Old Green Lantern" Scott being gay and what that really means. Plus, the next X-Men sequel, the new Batman Annual, and Rick MacCallum’s unfortunate lot in life.

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  3. Oddio Classic Comic - Green Lantern #4 - “The Leap Year Menace”

    In a re-post of a classic oddio, Green Lantern creates a silly-looking creature in an attempt to avoid the Leap Year marriage proposal of Carol Ferris, who he actually does want to marry… Ah, love.

    "The Leap-Year Menace" can be found in the pages of Green Lantern Showcase, Vol. 1.

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  4. League of Ordinary Gentlemen Comics Podcast: League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode #100 - Awes-wierd Wierd-some

    The Gentlemen would like to thank anyone who has ever listened to our podcast, came to our parties, or been nice to us in any way, shape or form over the last 100 episodes. We love ya!

    For our 100th episode, Green Lantern, MC Frontalot and The Real Gilligan’s Island. ‘Nuff… Said.

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