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  1. League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode #450 - The Black Hole Watch-Along

    For our 450th episode, we tackle the Disney Sci-Fi classic The Black Hole, watch-along-style and and relive one of the scariest moments from Dursin’s youth. Trust us when we say though that the robots in this movie are the best… AROUND!

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  2. Season 2, Episode 10: LJ Malberg of CoMuse.Work

    We wrap Season 2 with an amazing conversation with the first-ever guest on I Think This Is Great! with Clay N. Ferno.

    LJ Malberg has shifted to CoMuse.Work and is bringing compassion to the workplace with “Music Industry 2.0”. We talk about the importance of laughter, giving freely, diversity and inclusion, and what the future means for companies in and outside of the music business.

    CoMuse is the online global business community for music + tech. Find consistent support in all aspects of the business through live coaching, interviews, workshops, articles, networking and community; supporting you at every stage of your career. Join CoMuse for education, inspiration, collaboration, light-hearted humor-ation, inclusivity and bring compassion to each conversation.

    I Think This Is Great! with Clay N. Ferno is an interview podcast about people doing and being their best. We talk about compassionate work, working on teams, getting over hurdles and doing great things even when the chips are down. This is part productivity podcast and part interview show about fascinating people in my life. Welcome, and please let me know what you think is great!

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  3. League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode #443 - The League Vs. The Last Blockbuster

    The Gents discuss the 2020 documentary The Last Blockbuster, covering the last remaining Blockbuster Video store in the U.S. Like the movie, we also cover our own experiences with working in and going to video stores back in the day. And all the weird dummies that we dated.

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  4. League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Special Edition - The Kevin Smith Interview

    Silent Bob is Silent no more! Director Kevin Smith brings his Mooby’s Pop-up to Boston at House of Blues for a limited engagement. We got a chance to sit down with him and talk all the nerdy tidbits about Stan Lee, his upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revelation, helping restaurant workers in the pandemic, and his shot-from home sitcom, Son in Lockdown featuring his entire family and introducing Austin Zajur.

    Snootch to the Bootch!

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