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  1. Still At The Edge Of The Sofa - The Legendary Len Liggins

    The Legendary Len Liggins’ contribution to our virtual online festival in August 2021.

    The line up features Peter Solowka and Simon Smith - both past members of The Wedding Present. Len Liggins also features on The Ukrainian John Peel Sessions.

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  2. All Songs +1: A Discussion With Neko Case And John Grant : All Songs Considered : NPR

    Two of our favorite musicians talk about carnival rides, their ideal collaboration and being sexier than ever in their mid-40s. Eavesdrop on a conversation between Neko Case and John Grant.

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  3. Episode 1: New Day Rising from Do You Remember? A podcast about Hüsker Dü on RadioPublic

    In the first of this illuminating five-part history of the great Twin Cities punks Husker Du, we meet the band before they became a band, following Grant Hart and Greg Norton as they grow up in St. Paul, and then encounter Bob Mould, a new kid at Macalester College with a Flying V guitar and a love for punk rock equal to theirs.!80d781e4f527437c949ca737fb4a2b015efc3673

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