Allusionist 8: Crosswords — The Allusionist

This episode is sponsored by Tasting Room. Listeners from the USA: you can get the starter pack of wine samples for just $6.95 if you visit so kind as to fill in the Radiotopia listener survey at As well as helping us find out what you want from podcasts , you could win some very swanky Tivoli headphones.Say hi at and, and come back in a fortnight for the next episode.- HZCREDITSJohn Feetenby's crosswords appear every Sunday in one of Britain's major newspapers. He is @feexby on Twitter and his website is, via which you can find his own podcasts.This episode was presented and produced by me, Helen Zaltzman.MUSIC:'Allusionist Theme' - Martin Austwick'I don't Get It' - Cowboy Junkies'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' - The Animals

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