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  1. Still At The Edge Of The Sofa - The Legendary Len Liggins

    The Legendary Len Liggins’ contribution to our virtual online festival in August 2021.

    The line up features Peter Solowka and Simon Smith - both past members of The Wedding Present. Len Liggins also features on The Ukrainian John Peel Sessions.

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  2. Why everything you’ve heard about panic buying might be wrong | News | The Guardian

    With queues outside petrol stations and claims that selfish punters are using jerry cans to stockpile fuel, one word has become synonymous with the supply chain crisis that has hit the UK in recent weeks: panic. But the social psychologist Clifford Stott says something different is going on

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  3. One man’s epic electric test drive – from Land’s End to John o’Groats – podcast | News | The Guardian

    With new petrol and diesel vehicles to be banned in the UK from 2030, what can a road trip the length of the UK teach us about the future of cars?

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  4. Gender Inclusivity in Content Design with Alice Johnston

    An inclusive talk with Alice Johnston covering all aspects of gender in the 21st century.

    From advertising events, to writing copy for a product, gendered wording and imagery permeates our society.

    Alice Johnston gives her insights into why we should even be talking about inclusive content, why gendered content exists, how gendered content affects an audience, and whether gendered content is ever truly necessary.

    An inclusive talk, she covers all aspects of gender in the 21st century and can provide tools and ways of thinking to navigate conversations around the non-binary world we live in today.

    Although this can be a heavy topic, Alice often tries to keep things light and funny so that no one feels intimidated or overwhelmed.

    About Alice

    Alice is the epitome of Zillennials (the mini generation between Millennials and Gen Z). A speaker on many LGBT+ matters, she has a special interest in gender representation and tackling queerphobia, especially queerphobia that stems from ignorance of the topic. She has been credited for her funny, yet poignant and hard talks on transphobia and hopes one day she no longer has to give any of these talks because queerphobia and gender exclusion is a thing of the past.

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  5. Jørgen Leth interviewed by David Millar – CHPT3

    Finlay Pretsell’s film, "TIME TRIAL", has recently been released and Jørgen Leth’s "A Sunday in Hell" had been an inspiration for Finlay and me. This Sunday sees the Tour de France race to Roubaix across cobbles. I share the same catering facilities in the Tour de France media zone as Jørgen and have meant to interview him for a while as I find him fascinating and so the above two happenings gave me the excuse I needed.

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  6. For the Love of Music - Episode 1: Is there no such thing as bad music?

    Abbey Road Studio Two, five talented studio engineers and a round-table chat about music: we’ll be honest, we’ve had worse days at work.

    Part One of our ‘For The Love Of Music’ series asks the group a provocative question: Is there no such thing as bad music?

    You’ve just got to see what they had to say.

    You can find the ‘For the Love of Music’ playlist via our new Music app on iOS or Android, and on other services via:

    🎶 Tidal - 🎶 Spotify - 🎶 Qobuz -

    #bowerswilkins #abbeyroad #fortheloveofmusic

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  7. Professor Neil Ferguson on the Covid year that shattered our way of life – podcast | News | The Guardian

    Prof Neil Ferguson was one of the first scientists to raise the alarm in Britain that unless the government radically changed policy, it was heading for a disaster that the NHS could not cope with

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