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Found tunes given away by bands and labels. Indie, alt-country and the like. Also typography podcasts and talks.

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  1. Jørgen Leth interviewed by David Millar – CHPT3

    Finlay Pretsell’s film, "TIME TRIAL", has recently been released and Jørgen Leth’s "A Sunday in Hell" had been an inspiration for Finlay and me. This Sunday sees the Tour de France race to Roubaix across cobbles. I share the same catering facilities in the Tour de France media zone as Jørgen and have meant to interview him for a while as I find him fascinating and so the above two happenings gave me the excuse I needed.

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  2. For the Love of Music - Episode 1: Is there no such thing as bad music?

    Abbey Road Studio Two, five talented studio engineers and a round-table chat about music: we’ll be honest, we’ve had worse days at work.

    Part One of our ‘For The Love Of Music’ series asks the group a provocative question: Is there no such thing as bad music?

    You’ve just got to see what they had to say.

    You can find the ‘For the Love of Music’ playlist via our new Music app on iOS or Android, and on other services via:

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    #bowerswilkins #abbeyroad #fortheloveofmusic

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  3. Professor Neil Ferguson on the Covid year that shattered our way of life – podcast | News | The Guardian

    Prof Neil Ferguson was one of the first scientists to raise the alarm in Britain that unless the government radically changed policy, it was heading for a disaster that the NHS could not cope with

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  4. 2. What the new EU-UK agreement means for small business

    Now that the Brexit transition period has ended and a trade deal has finally been struck with the EU, what does it all mean for the UK’s small businesses?Join FSB Head of International Affairs James Sibley for this exclusive First Voice podcast, in which he will set out exactly what the new deal …

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