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Found tunes given away by bands and labels. Indie, alt-country and the like. Also typography podcasts and talks.

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  1. Withnail & I 30 years on: star Richard E Grant and director Bruce Robinson discuss the film | BFI

    Two ‘resting’ actors from London find themselves on a country retreat at eccentric Uncle Monty’s cottage, and partake in a cocktail of booze, pills and cigarettes just to get through the experience. We mark the 30th anniversary of one of British cinema’s best-loved films with a Q&A with actor Richard E Grant, who embodied the unforgettable role of Withnail, and director Bruce Robinson.

    WARNING: This video contains explicit language


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  2. Variable Font Design Possibilities and Performance with Jason Pamental - Pimp my Type

    Designer, tinkerer and typographer Jason Pamental joins me to chat about what creative possibilities variable fonts bring. We also dive into web font performance, how to improve loading speed with practical tips, and why this all will become obsolete in the nearer future.

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  3. Serif Fonts in UI Design with José Scaglione from TypeTogether - Pimp my Type

    Today, for the first time with a guest, I’m joined by wonderful José Scaglione. He is a type designer, lecturer, and co-founder of the high renown foundry TypeTogether, which is behind popular typefaces like Bree or Adelle. They worked with top brands, like Apple and Google, where they also contributed serif typefaces for screen rendering. … Weiterlesen

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    We are thrilled to feature an exclusive kitchen session with satirical folk-punk band Half Man Half Biscuit, including new songs and a chat with front-man Nigel Blackwell. Visit Andy's website - - for play-lists and to contact

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  5. Still At The Edge Of The Sofa - The Legendary Len Liggins

    The Legendary Len Liggins' contribution to our virtual online festival in August 2021.

    The line up features Peter Solowka and Simon Smith - both past members of The Wedding Present. Len Liggins also features on The Ukrainian John Peel Sessions.

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