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Found tunes given away by bands and labels. Indie, alt-country and the like. Also typography podcasts and talks.

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  1. Richard Rutter- CEO of Clearleft on running one of the most influential UK design consultancies

    Richard Rutter is a Managing Director of Clearleft, which is one of the most respectful and influential independent digital design consultancies in the UK.

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  2. Keith Houston on His Book, The Book (The Tiny Typecast)

    Keith Houston talks about the past and present of the book, which has remained a remarkably consistent form since its invention millennia ago. We talk about bookiness, elements of a book, ebooks, and emoji, among other topics.

    Keith is the author of 

    Shady Characters


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  3. Tim Harford on Persuasion and Popular Economics (Ep. 87)

    Tyler talks with Tim Harford about economics in a politicized world, playing poker with Steve Levitt, formal debate, receiving encouragement from Prince Charles, the polarization behind Brexit, whether introverts are better at public speaking, and more.

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  4. Chris Do: How to get rid of the hourly rate and stop being an order taker

    Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning designer and CEO of Blind. You’ll learn how to get rid of the hourly pricing and stop being an order taker.

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  5. Ep. 055 – Francois de Bodinat: Consultative selling of VR/AR at ZeroLight

    Francois de Bodinat is CMO at ZeroLight, the omnichannel platform providing advanced 3D/VR/AR real-time visualization solutions for the automotive industry.

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  6. Dmitry Raidman: Founder of Cybeats on the importance of outbound sales

    Dmitry Raidman is a CEO of Cybeats which develops an integrated security platform to secure and protect high-valued connected devices from cyber-attacks…

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  7. Bansi Mehta: Why is UX design of your product important in B2B sales?

    Listen as she talks about how you can create a better user experience to ultimately sell your product better, and increase user satisfaction and retention.

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  8. Scott Jehl on Move Fast & Don’t Break Things at SmashingConf NYC 2019

    Performance is a high priority for any site of scale today, but it can be easier to make a site fast than to keep it that way. As a site’s features and design evolves, its performance is often threatened for a number of reasons, making it hard to ensure fast, resilient access to services. In this session, Scott will draw from real-world examples where business goals and other priorities have conflicted with page performance, and share some strategies and practices that have helped major sites overcome those challenges to defend their speed without compromises.

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  9. Inside the mind of scientist James Lovelock | News | The Guardian

    James Lovelock, who turned 100 this year, discusses his life’s work. And: Samantha Power on finding ways to make a difference

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  10. What are Variable Fonts? with Jason Pamental | Smashing Podcast

    In this episode we’re talking about variable fonts. What are they, how do they differ from regular fonts, and how can they help in the design and performance of our websites? Drew McLellan talks to a font of knowledge on the matter, Jason Pamental.

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