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  1. 21st Century Skills

    The 21st Century Skills Movement seeks to reform education to better prepare students for success in the modern workplace. Those skills include creativity, innovation, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. We'll talk to some Silicon Valley veterans who are working to help students attain these skills. And we'll find out why the movement has encountered opposition from some education leaders, who favor an emphasis on core content and knowledge.

    Guests: - Bernie Trilling, author of "21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times" and former global director of the Oracle Education Foundation - Gregg Witkin, digital media arts teacher at Boynton High School in Campbell - Miguel Salinas, senior manager of Adobe Youth Voices — a global philanthropic initiative that empowers youth from under-served communities with digital media tools so they can comment on their world and share ideas - Randy Nelson, head of artistic development and training at DreamWorks Animation and former dean of Pixar University

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  2. A new school for digital kids

    Ever notice how fast kids kids seem to learn intricate video games? There's a school of thought that says there's something about the nature of games that help kids learn effectively — perhaps more so than in traditional school-based learning. There's a new public school opening soon in New York City that aims to use game design principles to create immersive, game-like learning experiences for students. Quest to Learn is a grade six through 12 school that will open its doors in the fall.

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  3. Blackboards or Backchannels: The Techno-Induced Classroom of Tomorrow

    The traditional classroom: obsolete? Chalkboards, lectures, and even teachers may be on their way out as social technology enters the classroom. How do kids want technology integrated into the curriculum? Or do they even want it? Five students speak out to debate the potential for Wikis, backchannels, and social tech, and dispute tomorrow's r/evolution in teaching and learning.

    Alex Leavitt Boston University

    Kelly Sutton Founder, HackCollege

    Kabren Levinson Philosopher, Technologist, Artist, Bard College

    Archana Ramachandran Campus Ambassador, Radar/Tiny Pictures/UT Austin

    Diana Kimball The Digital Natives Project, Harvard College

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  4. Computerworld Techcast: Ray Kurzweil, Part I: The future of computing

    In this episode of the Computerworld Techcast, Ray Kurzweil, author of The Singularity Is Near, explains the impact of the exponential growth of processing power in computers. In the interview, Kurzweil says that computing advances will go beyond making computers smaller and more powerful — they will eventually lead to pervasive computing, augmented reality, and vastly longer lifespans.Duration: 10 minutes

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  5. Our symbiosis with technology: Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly

    Colin Marshall talks to Kevin Kelly, co-founder of and “Senior Maverick” at Wired magazine. In addition to his copious online writing on technology and culture, he’s published such books as New Rules for the New Economy and Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, the Economic World. His latest book, What Technology Wants, explores the nature of what he calls the “technium”, that is, technology itself, considered as one big organism which grows, changes, and definitely wants something.

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