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  1. JPG Podcast : 29 - A Reading of ‘The Shape of Things To Come’. (SPECIAL)


    In this special episode we have a reading of the recent New Yorker article by Ian Parker. The article is about Apple with the focus on Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive.


    The idea was given to me by Mike Hurley of fame. So if people find the 17,000 word article too long to read, now you can listen with a variable speed with whatever your podcast app of choice may be.


    11:45 - Chapter 2 - The Studio

    34:02 - Chapter 3 - Managing Newness

    1:05:00- Chapter 4 - A Tap On the Wrist


    (Note, if you can hear a slight background whine, then I do apologise, the neighbours are weird, thankfully it ends around 40 minutes into the reading).




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