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  1. Firestarters Ep. 17: Russell Davies, VP Marketing, Bulb

    Before becoming VP Marketing at Bulb Energy Russell Davies led communications and digital strategy at organisations including Nike, Honda, Microsoft, Apple and was the Director of Strategy for the UK Government Digital Service for four years.

    In this fascinating episode Russell discusses the delicate dance that strategists perform between simplicity and complexity, how the most successful planners are those that can get an organisation to do something, but also how making things easy to do is actually really hard.

    He talks about the need for teams to have a common understanding of how advertising works, and how it should occupy the uncomfortable place between art and science.

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  2. Digital leadership - hybrid heritage online seminar recording

    Following Covid-19’s digital kickstart, what does a blend of in-person/digital working and services mean for heritage and the way you lead? This online seminar recording, from 22 March 2022, explores the challenges and opportunities that a hybrid, blended future brings the heritage sector.

    Lead speaker: Zak Mensah, Co-CEO, Birmingham Museums Trust

    Guests: Lisa Westcott Wilkins, Co-founder and Managing Director, DigVentures Mark Bishop, Director of Customer & Cause, the National Trust for Scotland

    This seminar was hosted by Jane Finnis, CEO of Culture24. It is the first of six in a series called Leading the Sector 2022, which runs from March to September.

    Leading the Sector 2022 is a series of online seminars and in-person networking events promoting and building senior digital leadership across the UK’s heritage sector. The series is funded through The National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of Digital Skills for Heritage, and is delivered by Culture24 in partnership with The Audience Agency.

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  3. Marketing Unf*cked | Why you need a Content Audit

    When was the last time you invested in a content audit for your website? A good content audit will help you decide which content to keep, re-write, update, or delete. If you keep convincing yourself that a content audit isn’t necessary, this episode of the Marketing Unf*cked podcast will change your mind.

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  4. Agencyphonics Episode #56 Alex Holliman, Managing Director of Climbing Trees

    Join Spencer Gallagher and Pete Hoole as they interview Alex Holliman on Friday 21st January via Agencyphonics on YouTube or Linkedin Live.

    Alex has worked in the ad industry for almost 30 years, from top advertising agencies like Zenith and Mindshare to a start-up that grew to £25m turnover and latterly starting Climbing Trees.

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  5. What are the financial metrics & best operational model for a fast growth agency?, with Mark Probert - Account Management Skills

    This episode is for you if you’re interested in the finance and operations side of the agency business. Mark Probert is an expert in helping agencies scale fast. In this episode, he shares with me some of the most useful financial benchmarks that high growth agencies use, such as what…

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  6. EP 364: The Abundant Value of Virtual Assistants with Janice Plado Dalager | What Works

    I’ve seen a lot of entitlement to service without regard for the person doing the work. And that’s why I was desperate to have this conversation with Janice Plado Dalager. Janice is a virtual assistant, consultant, and the founder of Janice Your VA. She manages a team of virtual assistants who pride themselves on making the lives on entrepreneurs and small business owners easier. Just like me, Janice has seen some shit. She’s also been on the receiving end of that shit and has learned how to navigate the world of virtual assisting to avoid most of it. Our conversation is all about the dynamics between support contractors and the small business owners who hire them. We explore how these relationships break down, the hidden skills that make the people in these roles so valuable, and why this class divide persists. We also touch on the gendered and racialized aspect of support work—and how small business owners often find themselves playing out the mistreatment they’ve experienced. My hope is that this conversation changes the way you think about how you hire, who you hire, and the relationships you develop along the way. Janice and I couldn’t help ourselves and dove right into the conversation—I’ve edited it lightly for flow and clarity. Strap in for this conversation about the entrepreneurial class divide with Janice Plado Dalager.

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