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  1. Using Technology to Aid Visitor Experience in the Age of Covid

    A free 30-minute webinar with practical tips on how to harness the power of Technology to give your visitors confidence and improve their overall visit.

    In conversation with:

    Dave Patten - Head of New Media, Science Museum Alec Ward - London Museum Development, Museum of London/Digital Things

    Includes expert advice and best practice from those attractions already engaging technically with their visitors. How can their pre-visit online experience be improved?

    ATS Heritage design and produce world-class audio & multimedia tours that improve visitor experiences to Museums, Galleries, Castles, Churches, Historic Houses and Attractions. see our full range of services at

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  2. Rockstar CMO FM #34: The Quibi, Kathryn Strachan, Robert Rose, and a Cocktail Episode - Rockstar CMO

    In this week’s episode, Ian Truscott talks about Quibi, chats with Kathryn Strachan, the Managing Director of Copy House Ltd, and joins content marketing guru Robert Rose for a cocktail and a chat in the virtual Rockstar CMO bar.

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  3. Episode 3: Cultural Democracy and Leadership with John Knell and Simon Abrahams — Patternmakers

    What does good leadership look like in the era of cultural democracy? In

    this episode Tandi speaks with John Knell and Simon Abrahams about key

    shifts currently taking place in the arts and cultural sector. They discuss

    the particular challenges of leading a cultural organisation today, and how

    clarity of purpose is the key to resourcefulness.

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  4. Secrets of highly effective agency leaders with Spencer Gallagher - Account Management Skills

    In this episode I’m delighted to have as my guest Spencer Gallagher who took time out of working on the second edition of his best selling book, Agencynomics, which he co-wrote with his partner Peter Hoole, to share his thoughts on agency leadership and client management.

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  5. AP Podcast – Episode 163: Kelly Molson talks about picking a company name, networking, and why she started a podcast – AttractionPros





    Kelly Molson is the Co-founder of Rubber Cheese and the Skip the Queue podcast. Since she hosts her own podcast, we had to turn the tables on her a little bit!

    During this discussion, we explore the importance of the digital guest experience, why Kelly decided to start a podcast, and building trust with your customers.

    For more information on Kelly and Rubber Cheese:

    This episode is brought to you by BackLooper.  If you’re tired of learning about guest complaints from online reviews, read on.  It’s time to protect your reputation while still getting valuable data so you can make enhancements to your guest experience.  Using the most effective ways to generate responses, combined with intuitive reporting that quickly points out the largest issues, BackLooper enables you to strengthen your operations with superior guest experience intelligence that leads to higher satisfaction.  Now more than ever we need to bring our guests into the conversation so they can be a part of our industry’s success.  Get started today with no minimum commitment by visiting, or email Josh directly at

    For more on Josh and and BackLooper:

    For more on Matt and Performance Optimist Consulting:

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  6. Agencyphonics Episode #31 Rebecca McIntyre-Smith of Primate

    Rebecca McIntyre-Smith joined Spencer Gallagher remotely from Edinburgh to discuss her personal journey and the impact it had on her agency.

    Spencer and Rebecca talked about mental health, having an action plan, business continuity and dealing with challenging decisions as an agency owner.

    Links to donate:

    Agencynomics by Spencer Gallagher & Peter Hoole:

    This episode was brought to you by Forecast, Wirehive, Cactus, the Agencynomics Community and The Cactus Academy

    Agencynomics is a social enterprise dedicated to helping Agencies to adopt the practices they need to propel their Agency.

    Agencynomics and Agencyphonics are not for profit.

    Please follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn @Agencyno…

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