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  1. Episode 64: Star Nerd - Voyager | The Wonky Spanner

    This week’s show is the interview we recorded with the very lovely Garrett Wang, best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim in Star Trek Voyager.

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  2. e35 – HyperCard

    We discuss one of the defining pieces of early Macintosh software, HyperCard. We cover the application’s origins and ambitious vision, the HyperTalk scripting language, our own creations, and the absence of HyperCard-like tools today.


    Wikipedia [WayBack]


    The Complete HyperCard 2.0 Handbook

    HyperTalk 2.0: The Book

    Bill Atkinson


    Susan Kare icon

    The Origin of HyperCard in the Breakdown of the Bicycle for the Mind




    HyperTalk Reference [PDF]

    calculator tutorial


    successors to HyperCard?



    Apple Media Tool

    our award-winning project! 🏆 [PDF]

    the web


    Wired interview "HyperCard: What Could Have Been"




    Swift Playgrounds

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  3. Triangulation 244 Bill Atkinson | TWiT

    As a member of the original Macintosh team at Apple Computer, Bill Atkinson designed much of the initial Macintosh user interface and wrote the original QuickDraw, MacPaint and Hyp…

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  4. iMore show 500 | iMore

    Rene, Serenity, and Georgia are joined by many friends and voices from the Apple community, Mobile Nations, and iMore, to celebrate the occasion of the 500th episode of our podcast. Thank you to everyone, then and now, for listening along!

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  5. In your own time 2

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  6. 580: That’s One Way to Do It

    Forget the easy way. This week, stories about people who come up with very innovative…and unusual…solutions to their problems. Including the story of a young voter who defies political categorization.

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  7. Analog(ue) #74: I Was the Product - Relay FM

    Casey has a new job! That’s the HUGE topic this week. But Myke also wants to set some goals for 2016, and talk about Stephen Fry leaving Twitter.

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  8. Walt and Nilay worry about Apple

    Nilay talks with Walt about his criticism of Apple lately regarding the decline in quality of software on both mobile and desktop.

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  9. Episode 39: John Gruber Crashes His Tesla Into Your Heart

    John Gruber, one of the most famous bloggers of all time, sits down with Josh for a little one-on-one concerning all things tech. Those things? Apple, Tesla, Google, Twitter, and so much more. Have you ever heard two men violently agree and disagree about a phone’s user interface? Have you ever heard two men discuss their hatred of a remote? Have you ever heard two men talk what it’s like to gaze into the abyss? Well some of those things happen. LISTEN NOW.

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  10. 34: Matt Machuga - Dealing with Dependencies in Active Record Models | Full Stack Radio

    In this episode, Matt Machuga of Think Through Math returns to talk with Adam about design options when you find yourself wanting access to a collaborator in an Active Record or Eloquent model. They discuss the pros and cons of four specific designs, and finish off with their personal recommendations.

    Topics include:

    • Are facades and service location automatically bad?

    • Are NounVerber classes anti-OO?

    • Adding a layer of composition to create domain models with dependencies

    • Using method injection for a temporary dependency

    • Using optional parameters to improve testability

    This episode is brought to you by Laracasts.

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