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  1. e39 – The iMac G3

    Stephen Hackett of 512 Pixels and Relay FM joins us again to discuss his complete iMac G3 collection and the history of the computer that saved Apple.

    Stephen Hackett

    512 Pixels

    iMac coverage

    Connected #85: Pokédex of iMacs


    Simplicity Shootout

    iMac on display at Ford Museum

    A one, a two, a one, two, three, four… @thehenryford

    ❤️🍏cc @ismh— Marina Epelman (@marinaepelman) April 30, 2016

    Power Mac G3 All-In-One

    Original iMac announcement

    Original iMac promo video

    "Steve Jobs Almost Named The iMac The MacMan, Until This Guy Stopped Him"

    Blue plastic accessories

    Mezzanine port

    Five Flavors announcement

    iMac DV / DV SE announcement

    Special Edition names in Apple products

    Sage iMac ad with Kermit the Frog

    eMachines eOne


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  2. Laravel News Podcast

    The Laravel News Podcast brings you all the latest news and events related to Laravel. This podcast is hosted by Eric L. Barnes and Jack Fruh.

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  3. The Changelog #142: Laravel PHP Framework with Taylor Otwell

    This week we’re joined by Taylor Otwell, he’s the creator and maker of the Laravel PHP framework.

    He joins us for a deep dive into Laravel, why he doesn’t release without good documentation, building apps to test your own framework, writing an API for Lavarel Forge, and more.

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  4. Electric Shadow 35: Going Back Into Space

    There is something wrong with the opening crawl for The Force Awakens. Fan

    and typography enthusiast John Gruber and original Star Wars opening title

    sequence designer Dan Perri help unravel the mystery of where (and when)

    things went wrong.

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  5. Episode 64: Star Nerd - Voyager | The Wonky Spanner

    This week’s show is the interview we recorded with the very lovely Garrett Wang, best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim in Star Trek Voyager.

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  6. e35 – HyperCard

    We discuss one of the defining pieces of early Macintosh software, HyperCard. We cover the application’s origins and ambitious vision, the HyperTalk scripting language, our own creations, and the absence of HyperCard-like tools today.


    Wikipedia [WayBack]


    The Complete HyperCard 2.0 Handbook

    HyperTalk 2.0: The Book

    Bill Atkinson


    Susan Kare icon

    The Origin of HyperCard in the Breakdown of the Bicycle for the Mind




    HyperTalk Reference [PDF]

    calculator tutorial


    successors to HyperCard?



    Apple Media Tool

    our award-winning project! 🏆 [PDF]

    the web


    Wired interview "HyperCard: What Could Have Been"




    Swift Playgrounds

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  7. Triangulation 244 Bill Atkinson | TWiT

    As a member of the original Macintosh team at Apple Computer, Bill Atkinson designed much of the initial Macintosh user interface and wrote the original QuickDraw, MacPaint and Hyp…

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  8. iMore show 500 | iMore

    Rene, Serenity, and Georgia are joined by many friends and voices from the Apple community, Mobile Nations, and iMore, to celebrate the occasion of the 500th episode of our podcast. Thank you to everyone, then and now, for listening along!

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  9. In your own time 2

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  10. 580: That’s One Way to Do It

    Forget the easy way. This week, stories about people who come up with very innovative…and unusual…solutions to their problems. Including the story of a young voter who defies political categorization.

    Original video:
    Downloaded by

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