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  1. Kavana Mindfulness - By Rabbi Dr Laibl Wolf

    Kavana Mindfulness Guided Meditation Program

    A revolutionary program based on the contemporary research in neuroplasticity coupled with the ancient wisdoms of Kabbala & Chabad teachings.

    • Create instant inner peace • Train the five senses • Drawing wisdom into consciousness

    Don’t just survive – Live deeply, live meaningfully, live mindfully. The key: Kavana Mindfulness.

    Internationally renowned spiritual mentor, Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf has produced a revolutionary and unique spiritual training program.

    This is the first time ever that the ancient spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah has been synergized with cutting edge psychology.

    What Your Program Contains

    a) Inner Stillness Audios: A series of three audio exercises to create a ‘level playing field’ within, which you will be able to achieve in ten seconds or less by the program’s end!

    b) Wide-Angle Awareness: A series of three audio exercises in sensory perception that will accelerate your capacity to collect relevant environmental data by a factor of 1000!

    c) Wisdom Gateway: A series of four audio exercises that unlock the Kabbalistic secret to draw on your inner wisdom through construction of a ‘wisdom gateway’

    The Three Training Stages Each stage provides detailed instructions and time frames for these meditational exercises.

    Stage One: Cr…

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