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  1. 60. Contemplating Telepresence with Jason Burk – Lounge Ruminator

    Friend and fellow podcasting co-host Jason Burk joins the virtual rumination lounge! We discuss hobbies, the ever-changing world of online work and education and the effects of open offices and commuting. (Thank you to the really loud, enthusiastic cicadas who kindly featured intermittently throughout the episode.) Find Jason Online burk.ioHemispheric Views podcast Links and Show…

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  2. CSS and Fonts: Fluid Web Typography

    For almost 15 years, Web designers have had a list of 10 "Core Web fonts" to choose from. Many ask, "Why can’t I just download a font file from my Web server the same way I can an image?" Well, actually, you can. The verbiage for font linking is a little different than images, but the syntax for Webfont linking has been around for over 10 years as a part of the CSS standard. Web typography expert Jason Cranford Teague shows you how to apply the principles of fluid typography, to choose, find and use Webfonts and create your unique typographic voice. Come and find out why 2010 is going to be the year of Web typography.

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