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  1. Woodland Secrets — 101: Alana Massey

    Writer Alana Massey joins merritt to talk flying cars, Disney mutants, and

    Sylvia Plath.

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  2. The Incomparable | All About Evey (Episode 338)

    Remember, remember, the fifth of November… We discuss the 2005 film “V for Vendetta” and the Alan Moore and David Lloyd comic series that inspired it. Who, if anyone, is the hero of the film? How did the Wachowskis adapt the 1980s comic’s sensibilities to the 2000s? What’s with the film’s strange structure and surreal visual choices? And, most importantly, is V a man, an idea, or both?

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  3. 47: Dogmatism | With Chris Coyier

    This was one of the most interesting, thoughtful and funny conversations we’ve had. We spoke to Chris Coyier about dogmatism (the expression of an opinion or belief as if it were a fact) in the web industry. We talked about why it happens, what we can to do be less dogmatic ourselves and how to deal with dogmatic people and their bombastic opinions.

    Our Toolstar this week was CodePen Projects, zero setup, full-featured front end web development environment, right in the browser. Chris talked us through it, and it sounds pretty great. We like all the CodePen things.

    It was a diverse Jukebox this week. I chose ‘A Tender History In Rust’ by Do Say Make Think. Ben chose ‘Eve’ by Anchorsong, it’s very Ben. And Chris chose ‘The Stable Song’ by Gregory Alan Isakov, and had a very cool story of meeting him IRL. They’ll be added to the Relative Paths Alt Playlist, or the Relative Paths Playlist as appropriate.

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  4. Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt: “Gimlet’s Reply All” | Talks at Google

    Get behind the scenes insight into Gimlet’s Reply All podcast. It’s a show about the internet and trained rats, time travel, celebrity dogs, lovelorn phone scammers, angry flower children, workplace iguanas, and more. Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt join us to tell us all about how their beloved show gets made.

    Listen to the podcast:

    Event moderated by Jaime Green.

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  5. Closing Your Community Right

    Jessamyn West is a member of mlkshk, an online community that’s closing. She’s part of a community-led effort to build the next place where this group of people will get together. Best known for her work in the library space, she’s also an experienced online community practitioner, having spent 10 years on staff at MetaFilter, leaving as director of operations. Building on our

    recent discussions about

    the thoughtful way to close a community, we look at mlkshk as an example of a group that has done it right. Plus:

    The differences and similarities between dying and being banned from an online community Why it’s easy for community members to love new ideas, but hard to get them to commit to helping make them real The disconnect between wanting to be a moderator and actually being good at it

    Big Quotes

    “One of the things that happens with hobbyist communities, as opposed to giant corporate communities, is the person who’s running it has to kind of love being there as one of the primary things in their life.” -@jessamyn

    “I like to joke that I’ve created 20, 30, 40 online communities just by banning people, where they get mad and they say, ‘I’m going to create a new community.’ I’m like, ‘Okay. That’s fine. Create your own thing. That’s great. We just can’t do that thing here any longer, because it’s not what we’re about.’” -@patrickokeefe

    “For some people, I really do feel like the internet kind of flattens who we are to a certain extent. Not in a negative ‘the internet isn’t real’ way, but just in a ‘the internet can’t tell you certain things about people you interact with, and some of those things may matter’ way. It’s hard to say it without sounding really judgmental.” -@jessamyn

    “It’s so important for [some people] to not be judgmental about personality problems that you wind up with people who are borderline sociopaths, who are unmoderatable, just because people are like, ‘Well, that’s just how that person is.’ You’re like, ‘Well, how that person is, is that they harass female Wikipedians.’ You’ve got to make a choice, right? You just have to make a choice.” -@jessamyn

    “If you make a decision to leave [our community], that’s your choice, and maybe you’ll come back. You’re welcome, even as a non-member, to talk to us about the issue is. But for people within the community, they’re like, ‘The goal is that nobody leaves.’ To me, that’s like saying the goal is that nobody dies. Sure, that sounds like a good idea at some level, but realistically, if nobody died, there would be huge problems and, if nobody left the community, you would wind up with a stagnation that would be difficult in its own way, that the community is not supposed to be everything to everyone.” -@jessamyn

    About Jessamyn West Jessamyn West is a librarian and community technologist who writes a column for Computers in Libraries magazine. She consults with small libraries and businesses in Central Vermont to help them use technology to solve problems and runs a regular drop-in time to help digitally divided people use technology. She is the author of Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide and is a frequent public speaker at library conferences throughout North America. She has a library newsletter and a blog. Related Links

    Jessamyn on Twitter Computers in Libraries magazine, which Jessamyn writes for Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide, Jessamyn’s book MetaFilter, an online community where Jessamyn was a member of staff for 10 years, resigning as director of operations TILT-Y MAIL, Jessamyn’s librarian-themed newsletter, Jessamyn’s blog David Lee King, digital services director at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, mutual friend of Jessamyn and Patrick

    Community Signal episode with David Lee King Nashua Public Library, one of Patrick’s libraries as a kid

    Community Signal episode about the IMDb message board closure with Timo Tolonen

    Community Signal episode with Gail Ann Williams mlkshk, an image sharing community Andre Torrez, application engineer at Slack and founder of mlkshk Matt Haughey, founder of MetaFilter, who works in editorial at Slack Amber Costley, design lead at Begin and founder of mlkshk

    “Beloved Image Sharing Site mlkshk Saunters Off Into the Sunset” by Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch, about mlkshk’s plans to close in 2014 Post from mlkshk’s blog about why they didn’t shut down in 2014 Discardia, a book by Dinah Sanders, that provides “a flexible, iterative method for cutting out distractions and focusing on more fulfilling activities” Josh Millard, who currently runs MetaFilter Paul Bausch, known as pb on MetaFilter, who previously served as the community’s sole developer and technical administrator Greasemonkey script that enables you to see, on MetaFilter, who has been marked as a librarian by Jessamyn Ask MetaFilter, the community’s question and answer section

    “mlkshk Shutting Down”, about the site’s forthcoming closure GitHub, a development platform where some current members of mlkshk are collaborating to build the next place they will hang out at

    “holdkris99’s Death Was a Hoax” by Josh Millard, about a MetaFilter user who faked their own suicide

    Community Signal episode with Matt Haughey, where we talked about the fake suicide

    “A Member of Your Online Community Lies About Committing Suicide: What Do You Do?” by Patrick, which

    Jessamyn left a comment on Wikipedia page for Godwin’s law LearnedLeague, the online trivia league that Jessamyn is a member of

    “Jeopardy! Contestant Who Died Before Show Aired Keeps Win Streak Going” by Keith Allen for CNN, about a former member of LearnedLeague LearnedLeague’s in memoriam page, created at Jessamyn’s suggestion Community Signal episode about managing a cancer community with the online community manager of Breast Cancer Network Australia’s online community Details about MetaFilter’s “brand new day” policy, which allows banned members to return ColdChef, a MetaFilter member who is a third-generation undertaker and funeral home manager Jessamyn’s consulting website Jessamyn’s personal blog


    View the transcript on our website

    Your Thoughts If you have any thoughts on this episode that you’d like to share, please leave me a comment, send me an email or a tweet. If you enjoy the show, we would be grateful if you spread the word. Thank you for listening to Community Signal.


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  6. Presentable #19: Design Ethics and the Race to the Bottom of the Brain Stem - Relay FM

    This week’s special guest is Tristan Harris, former Design Ethicist at Google and the founder of the Time Well Spent movement. We talk about ethics in design, and how even our best intentions in serving users can often make use of manipulative patterns.

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  7. Spotlight: Sara Soueidan — Responsive Web Design

    In our continuing series about the people who make responsive designs happen, we talk with freelance front-end Web developer, Sara Soueidan.

    Sara Soueidan is a Lebanese freelance front-end web developer working with companies across the globe, building clean, responsive front-ends for Web sites and applications focused on accessibility, progressive enhancement and performance. She also runs workshops on front-end development and writes technical articles on her blog and for various big publications. Sara wrote the Codrops CSS Reference, co-authored the Smashing Book 5, and has been voted the Developer of the Year in the 2015 net awards.

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  8. The Future: History that Hasn’t Happened Yet - SXSW 2017

    Bruce Sterling - author, journalist, editor, critic, theorist, futurist, and blogger – rattles the future’s bones in his annual SXSW rant. He’s the legendary Cyberpunk Guru. He roams our postmodern planet, from the polychrome tinsel of Los Angeles to the chicken-fried cyberculture of Austin… From the heretical Communist slums of gritty Belgrade to the Gothic industrial castles of artsy Torino… always whipping that slider-bar between the unthinkable and the unimaginable.

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  9. The Wednesday Session | shmu

    The Wednesday Session - jointly hosted by local musicians Kenny Hadden and Colin Edwards – will bring you the best of traditional and contemporary folk music.

    The programme will include music and songs from the traditions of Scotland, England, Ireland, and also much further afield.

    We’ll keep you informed about local events, and occasionally have live guests in the studio to talk about their music. Look up The Wednesday Session at SHMU on Facebook.

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  10. Liz Carroll, Seamus Connolly, Kevin Doyle and Billy McComiskey | NEA

    Celebrate Traditional Irish Music

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