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  1. on Social Media with Manton Reece

    We have been talking about the problems with Twitter, Facebook, and social media throughout the last year.

    Our guest has too, and he’s trying to do something about it. Manton Reece, talks about, the technology it is built on, and how he is being thoughtful about building something new. - GeekSpeak Podcast for 2018-01-19

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  2. Supertop Blog: Podcast: iPhone X Dark Mode, Castro 2.6 and App…

    Podcast: iPhone X Dark Mode, Castro 2.6 and App Store Pre-OrdersDecember 21, 2017 ∞In the last episode of 2017, Oisin’s iPhone X is stolen by Mexican police, we discuss apps using black backgrounds on the X’s OLED screen for dark modes, the launch of Castro 2.6’s backup / restore feature (including a daring live performance of Padraig restoring his main device) and the new App Store pre-orders feature.Links:Jared Sinclair’s ’Sodes appCastro 2.6 is available on the App Store now with Backup / Restore.Offering Your Apps for Pre-OrderListen in Castro, or find links to other players.


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  3. Podcast: Talking Sports With Bleacher Report CEO Dave Finocchio | AdExchanger

    Welcome to AdExchanger Talks, a podcast focused on data-driven marketing. Subscribe here.

    CEO Dave Finocchio started Bleacher Report along with his three cofounders in 2005 after deciding most sports media wasn’t connecting with young people.

    "There was a generation of sports fans that have been stuck with their dad’s and grandfather’s sports voice," Finocchio says on the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks. "A lot of the content that existed then was very wordy, very tied to things that happened during games. It wasn’t a reflection of how my generation was talking about sports."

    With minimal funds, they built an audience and a business using a crowd-sourced content model. They succeeded. Today BR is among the top sports-focused websites in the world, with some 40 million users, according to comScore. Along the way it pivoted away from amateur content and now has about 500 employees focused on writing, producing, distributing and of course monetizing its sports coverage.

    The company has evolved on the advertising side too.

    Initially, BR was a "classic display advertising business" in Finocchio’s words. "We aggregated millions of eyeballs onto a website and app and we sold different forms of banners and pre-roll," he said.

    Today its efforts are far more aligned with advertiser objectives. "Everything that we do internally and all the infrastructure we build around advertising is geared towards actually driving results for our partners," he said. "We’re not trying to just run media and get to the next campaign. We need partnerships."

    Also in this episode: BR’s programmatic philosophy, how people watch sports now and why Finocchio came back to run Bleacher.



    This episode of AdExchanger Talks is sponsored by Nucleus.





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  4. BR’s Dave Finocchio on why loyalty matters more than ever

    Bleacher Report CEO Dave Finocchio joins the Digiday Podcast.

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  5. #53 — The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence

    In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with computer scientist Stuart Russell about the challenge of building artificial intelligence that is compatible with human well-being.

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  6. Mac Power Users #348: Managing Subscriptions - Relay FM

    In this new App economy it seems more and more apps and services are going to a subscription pricing model. We talk about subscription pricing generally, tips for taming your subscriptions and the subscription services we use.

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  7. “Is Our Universe a Simulation?” with Brian Greene

    Neil deGrasse Tyson investigates the nature of reality, from quantum physics and string theory, to the multiverse and “The Matrix.” With theoretical physicists Brian Greene and Stephon Alexander, philosopher David Chalmers, co-host Maeve Higgins, Chuck Nice and Bill Nye.

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  8. Remaster #20: The PlayStation VR Review - Relay FM

    After months of waiting, the PlayStation VR has been released. Federico, Myke, and Shahid share their views on the hardware, the experience, and the launch lineup.

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  9. Mac Power Users #339: iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 - Relay FM

    Katie and David break down Apple’s announcements at its September 7 Keynote including iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2, and all of Katie’s favorite games.

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  10. Remaster #17: No Man’s Sky: Review - Relay FM

    The Remaster trio are reunited to give their thoughts and experiences of playing No Man’s Sky, and also take a look at why there’s such a backlash against the game.

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