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  1. Building Calluses & Growing into Entrepreneurship • You’re a Financial Planner, Now What? - Podcast Addict

    Building Calluses & Growing into Entrepreneurship • You're a Financial Planner, Now What? - via Podcast Addict | Chad Chubb is a CFP®, CSLP®, and the lead a

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  2. Headgum // High and Mighty: 358: Being Fat (w/ Mike Mitchell)

    Actor and comedian Mike Mitchell joins gabrus to talk about being fat. Check out gabrus' other podcast, Action Boyz.And every Monday night at 11EST you can listen and talk with gabrus LIVE on his weekly movie show THE MOVIE BUFF or listen to some PREVIOUS EPISODESShout out to Magic Spoon & Nord VPN for sponsoring this episode. Go to and use our promo code HAM at checkout to save five dollars off your order!Grab your EXCLUSIVE NordVPN deal by going to or use the code GABRUS to get a Huge Discount off your NordVPN Plan + Free Threat Protection + 1 additional month for free!Advertise on High & Mighty via for privacy information.

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  3. How the 50/30/20 Rule Works | Portfolio Rescue

    Welcome to Portfolio Rescue, the show where we answer your questions about investing and personal finance. On this episode, Ben and Duncan are joined by tax expert, Bill Sweet. Submit your questions to!

    ►00:00 - Intro ►05:05 - What percent of a first-time home buyer's net worth should be put down in that first real estate purchase? ►10:13 - Where a lump sum of cash. ►15:32 - How would you direct young / beginner investors to start learning about tax law? ►20:38 - How can I maximize the tax efficiency of UTMA accounts?

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    Investing involves the risk of loss. This podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be or regarded as personalized investment advice or relied upon for investment decisions. Ben Carlson, Bill Sweet, and Duncan Hill are employees of Ritholtz Wealth Management and may maintain positions in the securities discussed in this video. All opinions expressed by Ben and guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of Ritholtz Wealth Management. See a complete list of disclosures here:

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  4. Faith Hillis with Mike Duncan - Utopia’s Discontents: Russian Emigres and the Quest for Freedom

    Historian Faith Hillis examines the evolution of Russian émigré communities in Europe and their pivotal role in the Russian Revolution. For recommended reading, event details, and more, visit



    The 1917 Russian Revolution marked the dawn of a new day in Russian politics, but it also represented the continuation of decades-long conversations that began during emigration and were exported back to Russia. In Utopia’s Discontents, Faith Hillis explores how Russian émigré communities developed into revolutionary social experiments in the heart of bourgeois cities like London and Paris, and how their efforts to transform the world played crucial roles in socialism, liberalism, anarchism, and Zionism across borders.


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