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  1. Ep 104: How Financial Coaching Skills Enhance The Financial Planner’s Value Proposition with Saundra Davis — Financial Advisor Success — Overcast

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  2. Ep. 028 Thanks Jack! — Reversion To The Mean — Overcast

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  3. An Emergency Bomblette — Bombshell — Overcast

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  4. Ep. 022 Steak And Sales Pitches — Reversion To The Mean — Overcast

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  5. The Ringer’s Robert Mays — The Bill Barnwell Show — Overcast

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  6. #125 - Tom Barton - The Biggest Problem Investors Have is Things Change…and They Don’t Change — The Meb Faber Show — Overcast

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  7. #FASuccess Ep 092: Taking More Vacation Time By Standardizing Workflows And Processes In Your Advisor CRM with Jennifer Goldman

    Financial Advisor Success Podcast with Jennifer Goldman on how standardizing workflows and processes helps an advisory practice operate like a real business.


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  8. Mina kimes

    Listen to Dawg Pound Love: Mike Ryan and 3 other episodes by Bootleg With Mina Kimes. No signup or install required.

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  9. MBMBaM 425: Bigfoot Meat | Maximum Fun


    My Brother, My Brother and Me

    Human civilization has long pondered the question of Bigfoot’s existence. But have we, in searching for the Bigfoot, avoided confronting the far more pressing concern: Which kind of dipping sauce goes best with Bigfoot Meat?

    Suggested talking points: Iron Deferens, Mork Tipping, Demons in the Dugout, Failure to Fish, Harry and Fieri, Not Brave

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  10. The NFC Over-Unders With Bill Simmons (Ep. 69)

    Cousin Sal is joined by Bill Simmons for part two of the annual NFL season preview discussing Philly’s Super Bowl defense, the Cowboys’s impending downfall, Mike Zimmer’s defense, Cam Newton’s MVP chances, Jimmy G’s need for a celebrity girlfriend, Russell Wilson’s bounce-back and more NFC teams to keep an eye on.


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