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  1. Measuring Feedback Chapter 1 - Part 1 | Manager Tools

    This cast concludes our guidance on how to measure the amount of feedback you're delivering to your directs.

    We get asked all the time how much feedback is enough. We see this as very similar to the question, how many meetings should I have? Hopefully we all know there's no right answer to that, other than, as many as you need. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much.

    With feedback, the answer for 90% of managers 90% of the time isn't whether what you're giving is enough…the answer is, there's no way you're giving enough. ;-)

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  2. Team Formation - How Big? | Manager Tools

    This cast describes how big to size a team when forming it.

    We get asked all the time, what's the ideal size for a team to be?

    The simple answer is that there's no ideal size - it depends on a lot of factors.

    But, we realize that when we get asked, someone's probably got to form a team to accomplish something, and so our answer, though right, isn't initially helpful.

    The question probably ought to be, "how big should I make this team I'm forming…"

    If you've got to form a team, and are wondering how to do it, this cast starts our answer by giving guidance about how big it should be.

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