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  1. The Random Show – Drinking Urine, Exploring Japan, and Figuring Out Life

    Coming to you from a late night in rural Japan, this is a special edition of The Random Show.

    Per usual for The Random Show, I am joined by Kevin Rose (@KevinRose), serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, and all around wild and crazy guy. We discuss Japan and how to do it cheaply, building apps, urine drinking, love and marriage, beauty and absurdity in 2017, why Kevin doesn’t have New Year’s resolutions, favorite books, and much more.


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  2. The Flop House #133 – Bullet to the Head

    Walter Hill has made several great movies in his career. Is Bullet to the Head one of them? Meanwhile, Stuart unveils a new impression in his repertoire, Dan inspires a discussion about the horrors of gorilla sex, and Elliott keeps missing our special celebrity guest.

    “Eugh yugunna get a bullet toya heuad…”

    Movies recommended in this episode:

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  3. Crowdfunding Uncut #37 — “Stay True to Your Art”: How Max Temkin Raised $10 Million on Kickstarter with NO Paid Advertising, Rejecting “Marketing Tricks”, and Ignoring “Guru Advice” (Like Mine!)

    > “The smartest thing we did [making Secret Hitler] was reject old fashion, old media, old world advice of how to trick people into giving you their money” – Max Temkin

    If you are becoming frustrated, depressed, and disillusioned learning about how to raise money to fund your project, then then this podcast will inspire you. Max Temkin has directly raised, or advised in a number of projects that have raised over $10 million total on Kickstarter. You MAY have heard of them… In December, 2015, Max raised $1,479,046 for “Secret Hitler”, a social deduction table game based in pre World War 2 Germany. Players, representing either liberal or fascist German politicians, have to help or hinder the beautifully illustrated Junta-Komodo-Dragon-Adolf-Hitler from being elected Chancellor and starting World War 2. His goal was $54,450 and he raised over $100,000 in the first 24 hours. But that is not where he started. His first project was Cards Against Humanity, one of the first games in the early days of Kickstarter, raised “only” $15,540 but since exploded and has been #1 Best Seller on Amazon for Toys and Games for as long as we can remember.(…and is a staple at every games night I host with friends!) In fact, Cards Against Humanity, as of publishing, occupies 3 – WOW! –  of the top 20 spots on the Best Seller List including the TOP 2, besting classics like Jenga and Connect 4. Max also helped advise his friends who made the Most Backed Game in Kickstarter history,  Exploding Kittens, which raised $8,782,571. Max understands Kickstarter, the Kickstarter Community, and his audience, probably better than anyone on the planet. But Max is not a “marketer.” He hates “gimmicks” and “tricks” and “gurus who don’t know what they are talking about.” Max is an Artist. If you are feeling jaded by the Kickstarter Marketing World, and think that in order to fund your project you need to sacrifice your vision, then listen now. It will be the best 38 minutes of your day, guaranteed! You will discover

    • The number #1 Trend in Kickstarter Today
    • Why Max still has the “fear to launch” and it never goes away, even after millions of dollars raised
    • Why it is important to ignore the temptation to look for “tricks” and “gimmicks” to hit your goal and “focus on the art”
    • Why no one knows really knows what the future of your project, or any project, holds
    • What it means to “front load” your project, and why it is absolutely critical to the success of your project (…and also when it isn’t!)
    • Why “failing a project is a gift”…and how to embrace failure so “you are not on the hook to build something nobody wants”
    • Why you should never take the money if you don’t reach your funding goal on Indiegogo
    • Why you should “Show don’t tell” to sell your project
    • The importance of “user testing” and “iteration” to produce the best product possible before you launch your campaign (Max took a year and over a hundred iterations to get Secret Hitler just right
    • The importance of knowing your market better than they know themselves
    • The difference between “a good project and a good life”
    • Why your story is so important and why you need to be crystal clear communicating what it is about
    • Your page should clearly explain why a backer should not fund your project
    • How crushing his funding goal on Cards Against Humanity set the project delivery back

    Famous last words: “Finally, I am not the funniest guy in the room.”

    Connect with Max on Twitter. Check out his website at

    Secret Hitler:

    Cards Against Humanity:

    Max’s Other Projects:

    Exploding Kittens:

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  4. Dust on the Telescope | Do By Friday

    This week's challenge: don't tweet.

    Show Notes

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  5. Song Exploder : Metallica — “Moth into Flame”

    Metallica formed in 1981. They were teenagers. Since then, they’ve gone on to become one of the most successful bands of all time, selling over 110 million records worldwide. In November 2016, they released their tenth album, Hardwired…to Self-Destruct. In this episode, the song “Moth into Flame" gets taken apart by singer and guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich.

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  6. Anxious Machine #008: This Great, Noble Venture (with guest Shawn Blanc)

    A conversation with writer and podcaster Shawn Blanc about building his career as a blogger, connecting with people through the internet, and finding meaning in his tools, from coffee makers to computers.



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  7. Song Exploder #28: The Long Winters — “The Commander Thinks Aloud”

    On February 1st, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart while reentering the earth’s atmosphere. John Roderick, singer and songwriter of The Long Winters, wrote “The Commander Thinks Aloud” about that fateful moment. This episode was made from an interview I did with John Roderick in front of a live audience in Seattle, where we discussed how and why he made this song.

    Buy “The Commander Thinks Aloud” on iTunes.

    Read the profile of the commander and the six other crew members at NASA’s page dedicated to the Columbia. The seven of them were of seven different religious faiths.

    #### Footnotes

    John Roderick also makes podcasts: Roderick on the Line with Merlin Mann, and Roderick’s Rendezvous.

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  8. Hound Tall #5: Renegade History (with Thaddeus Russell, Greg Proops and Matt Kirshen) « Nerdist

    History professor Thaddeus Russell joins comedians Greg Proops and Matt Kirshen to discuss “Renegade History,” the history of the United States as it has been shaped by the fringes of society. Gays, Blacks, Jews, drunks, you know, the best kind of people…

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