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  1. Podcast: What’s AI doing in your wallet? | MIT Technology Review

    Our entire financial system is built on trust. We can exchange otherwise worthless paper bills for fresh groceries, or swipe a piece of plastic for new clothes. But this trust—typically in a central-government-backed bank—is changing. As our financial lives are rapidly digitized, the resulting data turns into fodder for AI. Companies like Apple, Facebook, and…

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  2. Conspiracy Theory w/ Cory Doctorow

    Sci-fi author, journalist and blogger Cory Doctorow joins the show to talk about the tangle of intricate dystopian narratives that is conspiracy theory. We discuss the roots of conspiracy theory, why it is becoming more prevalent at this particular moment, and how it can be effectively countered.

    Utopian Horizons is a podcast about utopia. Each episode covers a different utopia, dystopia, utopian thinker, or utopian movement, asking what they can tell us about ourselves, our society, and our future.

    Twitter: email: utopianhorizonspod [at] gmail dot com Support the podcast:

    Music: The Fiction of Utopian Studies/The Road To Oceania by The Fucked Up Beat.

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  3. 314 | Adam Curtis

    This week David talks to the celebrated film-maker Adam Curtis about his new series Can’t Get You Out of My Head, which tells the history of the rise and fall of individualism. Why do so many people feel so powerless in the age of the empowered individual? How has digital technology turbo-charged ou

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