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  1. Microcast #082 – Nodenoggin | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

    This week, I’ve been delighted to be able to catch up with Adam Procter, academic, games designer, open advocate, and long-time supporter of Thought Shrapnel.

    We discussed everything from the IndieWeb to his PhD project, with relevant links below!

    Show notes: * Adam’s website / Southampton uni staff page * Nodenoggin (and alpha app / project code / project feedback forum) * Adam’s PhD work / blog

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  2. Jim Groom | voicEd Episode

    Gettin’ Air Season 3 Premiere with Jim Groom @jimgroom! Jim has been central a central figure in hugely influential educational technology movements/ideas/things like #ds106, #edupunk, and Domain of One’s Own (#DoOO). And now he is co-founder of a shining beacon of educational technology done right in @ReclaimHosting. But why are they running a VHS store in Fredericksburg, VA?

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  3. Tom Woodward | voicEd Episode

    Tom Woodward (@twoodwar) is Associate Director of Innovation in the @VCUALTLab. We chat about the awesome things that can happen when great educational technologists like Tom get to work with great educators. A few of those things are,, and oh the 34,200 blogs at!

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  4. Making and Breaking Domain of One’s Own — Hybrid Pedagogy

    What if the early Web adopters in higher education had imagined Domain of One’s Own instead of Course in a Box? Why didn’t they?

    On Friday, 12 August 2016, Martha Burtis gave one of two closing keynotes at the Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute held at the University of Mary Washington. Below is the text of her talk; the audio above is edited from the video recording of that morning’s keynotes.

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