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  1. the INF Club podcast - Episode 59: Kendra Patterson on how embracing her creative nature helped her move through burnout

    18 May 2021

    In Kendra’s own words… I am a writer, podcaster, and creativity coach with a background in social science research. I coach other creatives, sensitive intuitives, and late bloomers who are trying to create lives that feel purpose-driven and satisfying at a deep level. I’m currently working on a research project on living life experimentally rather than conceptually, and why this may be a better way to approach life for creative late bloomers struggling to feel like they are fulfilling their potential.

    Personality type INFP

    Connect with Kendra Writing: Podcast: Stepping Off Now Twitter: @patterskendra Instagram: @steppingoffnow

    What we talk about Kendra’s background as a PhD scholar, and the blog & podcast she currently runs Experiencing ‘whole-life’ burnout, and how this added context to Kendra’s experience of depression & anxiety Why conventional therapy doesn’t seem to work for us, and the conclusions that Kendra and I have drawn about this Being a creative, non-conforming rebel… and trying to fit into the conventional world On seeking a career that was adjacent to Kendra’s art (writing fiction), & what Kendra’s ‘career’ currently looks like On money: living frugally whilst on the creative path, vs peers who are hitting conventional, societal milestones When Kendra knew that the conventional path wasn’t for her, and moving out of burnout, depression & anxiety Understanding the world through words and language, and the importance of authenticity for INFPs Experimental vs conceptual types, & being a "late (repeat) bloomer" Our experiences as experimental types, being told I needed to "stick at things" & seeing our CV and life experiences as a narrative story that leads to where we are today Why Kendra’s "dark night of the soul" was exactly what she needed to experience Testing as an INFJ, but identifying as an INFP (being ‘on the cusp’) Links Kat Nicholls (website)

    Andy Mort (website)

    Wayfinder Life Coach Training (website), by Martha Beck

    The Four Tendencies (quiz + book), by Gretchen Rubin

    The Mindful Millionaire (book), by Leisa Peterson

    a podcast for INFP & INFJ writers and creatives | by Jas Hothi

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  2. Gigaom | Voices in AI – Episode 23: A Conversation with Pedro Domingos

    In this episode Byron and Pedro Domingos talk about the master algorithm, machine creativity, and the creation of new jobs in the wake of the AI revolution.

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