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  1. Why You Should Be Optimistic About the Future

    Many skeptics thought the internet would never reach mass adoption, but today it’s shaping global culture, is integral to our lives—and this is just the beginning. In this conversation, Kevin Kelly (Founding Executive Editor, WIRED magazine) and Marc Andreessen (Cofounder and General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz) sit down to discuss the evolution of technology, the new “Space Race,” and how measuring prosperity on a global scale is the key to our collective success. Learn why they share an optimistic view on the possibilities of the future.

    HIGHLIGHTS Discussion on closing the digital divide [3:00] The many possibilities of voice technology as an interface [9:59] Moore’s Law vs. Eroom’s law [14:14] Looking at 5G Technology as the next global driver [20:38] New models for VC and company models [27:05] How long-term thinking can be applied in Silicon Valley [29:53] Measuring prosperity on a global scale [34:00] The potential impact of cyber technology on global conflict [38:45] The foundation of Marc’s optimism [41:05]

    The views expressed here are those of the individual AH Capital Management, L.L.C. (“a16z”) personnel quoted and are not the views of a16z or its affiliates. Certain information contained in here has been obtained from third-party sources, including from portfolio companies of funds managed by …

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  2. How John Gruber, Raconteur, Uses OmniOutliner

    John Gruber, professional blogger and podcaster, has been using OmniOutliner for just about as long as it’s existed. His main use is for planning projects — for instance, he recently moved servers, which is something he’s rarely done, and he used OmniOutliner to keep track of the many details and things to check.

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  3. Case #3 Belt Buckle | Mystery Show

    The Case:  A young boy finds an enchanting object in the street. The Facts:  Mystery Show is produced by Starlee Kine, Alex Blumberg, Melinda Shopsin and Eric Mennel. Producing help from Chris Neary and Wendy Dorr. Eli Horowitz is contributing editor. The


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  4. Damon Lindelof on the World-building of ‘Watchmen’ | The Watch — The Watch — Overcast

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  5. 390: Eleventy with Zach Leatherman - ShopTalk

    Zach Leatherman stops by the show to talk about his static site generator, Eleventy, as well as look back at his Front End Engineer Manifesto from 2012 and see how it holds up in 2019.

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  6. SVGs with Chris Coyier by Duck Tapes • A podcast on Anchor

    This week, we talk to Chris Coyier about the image format (language? file extension?) that confuses us all the most (or at least John): SVGs.  Chris gives us the skinny on what makes SVGs so great before we talk about how he cofounded his two most popular projects: CSS-Tricks and  We also talk IE and how it "encourages" online CSS research, code schools and their various enrollment options, and before trying to figure out what a lolDad really is.

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  7. Meghan Daum Has A ‘Problem With Everything’: Feminism, Cancel Culture And The Internet | On Point

    Columnist and author Meghan Daum takes on political correctness in the new book, "The Problem with Everything."

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  8. Radio Atlantic: How to Fix Social Media

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  9. Saron Yitbarek and Jeremy Keith - Command Line Heroes Live Podcast - View Source 2019

    #jeremykeith #saronyitbarek #javascript #commandlineheroes #viewsourceconf Command Line Heroes (an original podcast from Red Hat) shines a light on the developers, programmers, hackers, geeks, and open source rebels transforming the world of tech.

    Direct from the View Source conference in Amsterdam, Saron Yitbarek hosts this live version of the "Creating JavaScript" episode. Jeremy Keith will join her to talk about how a last-minute moonshot became one of the biggest programming languages of the web.

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  10. Preble Hall: Nelson, Gunners & Impressment with guest Kate Jamieson

    University of Exeter graduate student Kate Jamieson joins us to discuss Admiral Nelson, Trafalgar, Impressment, and her research on gunners in the Royal Navy.

    EPISODE NOTES Museum web site:

    Museum Facebook page:

    Twitter: @USNAMuseum

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