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  1. Welcome to 2021 With Barry Ritholtz

    It’s a new year, and maybe a new you. There’s also a completely new political landscape in Washington DC and probably another big round of stimulus money. What’s an investor to do? Talking to a financial advisor seems like a good first step. On this episode of Trillions, Eric and Joel are joined once again by Barry Ritholtz, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, who’s fielding all kinds of questions from clients right now. They discuss the new administration, his economic outlook, plus his views on Tesla, Bitcoin, ARK, and more.

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  2. Is ARK the New Janus Twenty?

    Cathie Wood of ARK is not the first highly concentrated active manager to shoot the lights out for half a decade while sparking a stampede of flows into their funds. There have been many throughout history but perhaps the one that most echoes ARK today is the famous Janus Twenty Fund, which dominated the latter half of the ’90s and early 2000s with very similar returns and flows to what ARK is experiencing, albeit one met with a 50% downturn when the Internet bubble burst. On this episode of Trillions, we speak to Scott Schoelzel, the former PM of the Janus Twenty during the fund’s magical stretch from 1998 to 2007. Having lived through the ups and downs of cycles, he gives us his thoughts on the current situation with ARK, advice for the firm’s investors as well as his takes on the state of active management, ETFs, the Fed and what he’s up to these days living out on his farm in Colorado.

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  3. Barry Kerr Interview (Uilleann pipes, flute, singing)

    The Liam O’Flynn Award. Digging into the Irish Traditional Music Archive. Ulster hunting songs and mummers. Hare coursing. Life in Lurgan County Armagh. The Ceili House and legend of Seamus Tansey. Prehistoric cairns and building on the tradition. The magic of the session and finding inspiration in the music.

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  4. Episode 126: Inauguration Salute feat Briahna Joy Gray & Virgil Texas

    The two hosts of the Bad Faith podcast join us to discuss the smooth and simple transition of power in this great nation. The Capitol obviously comes up.


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  5. Postlight Podcast: Are Conspiracy Theories Just Bad Theories With Good UX?

    The pandemic has made people crave simple, digestible information even when the information they need is not-so-simple. This week, Rich and Paul draw similarities to technology and the conspiracy theories that have mastered messaging and used it to spread harmful misinformation. How can we counter it? Tell a clear, simple story and tell it again and again. Links:

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