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I’m a Johns Hopkins trained biomedical and electrical engineer with a variety of interests in information theory, biology, big history, abstract and theoretical mathematics, evolution, genetics, microbiology, transgenetics, translational medicine, mnemonics, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation.

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  1. The Cultures: 270: Zettelkasten, Meaningless Rituals and Self-Control,

    Zettelkasten (, )

    Data Sabbath ( on iOS,

    on Android) Note: No Andrea this ep

    Follow us at @culturescast, and our hosts on Twitter at @adrianhon @naomialderman @andrhia We’re on Mastodon at


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  2. No. 6 - Note-Taking and The Zettelkasten in The Productivity Podcast

    Listen and download The Productivity Podcast’s episodes for free. In this episode I discuss my experience with the niche and extremely powerful note-taking system known as the Zettelkasten. The system is used to orga…

    Podcast: The Productivity Podcast. Channel: The Productivity Podcast. Time: 12:12 Uploaded 26/07 a las 10:14:18 73261742

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  3. Episode 004 – Experiments with OPML - Thinking About Tools For Thought

    Links from today’s episode: OPML Home Page – Contains link to OPML specification Instant Outlines – Describes the use of these in Drummer activism.opml – Example file for testing Radio Userland – Prior product by Dave Winer Inter-outline inclusion – Writeup by Dave Winer OPML spec on inter-outline inclusion elections.opml – Example file mentioned (expanded… Continue reading Episode 004 – Experiments with OPML

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  4. Episode 165: Someone to Squeal At (with special guest Caitlin Elgin) | The Erasable Podcast

    Do you write in your books? Tonight, our special guest Caitlin Elgin joins

    us to talk about marginalia — why you might want to write them, and how you

    might want to write them. In fact, one of use does not write in his books,

    and maybe we can convince him to start. Or not.

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  5. Episode 003 – Interview with Ken Smith - Thinking About Tools For Thought

    Links from today’s episode: Ken Smith’s bio Ken Smith’s Old School blog Adam’s Task (book that Ken mentioned) Instant Outline that Andy Sylvester talked about creating (activism.opml) Fargo Little Outliner Drummer

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  6. Episode 002 – Organizing Information for Use - Thinking About Tools For Thought

    Links to topics from this episode: Organizing Information for Use – Subject of this episode Tragedy of the Stream – Starting point of this topic by Mike Caulfield Caulfield’s Tragedy – Ken Smith responds to Mike Caulfield’s essay OPML – Home site of the OPML specification, has example files and application code XML – Extensible… Continue reading Episode 002 – Organizing Information for Use

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  7. Episode 001 – Introduction - Thinking About Tools For Thought

    This is a new podcast series titled “Thinking about Tools for Thought”, which will talk about tools and methods for helping people think. The following are links to different tools/resources mentioned in this episode. Tools: Logseq Roam Notion Org Mode/Emacs Drummer Weblogs/posts Dave Winer/Scripting News Ken Smith Drummer blog Andy Sylvester Drummer blog Organizing information… Continue reading Episode 001 – Introduction

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  8. Charles Adjovu on A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden by Ledgerback Research Podcast

    On this episode of the Philomath Series on Musings, Charles gives his thoughts and takeaways on A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden, written by Maggie Appleton, an article discussing the brief history of digital gardens and its ever-changing meaning from the 1990s to the present, the growth of no-code (i.e., low code) tools for digital gardens, and defining 6 design principles for digital gardens:

    Topography over Timelines,

    Continuous Growth,

    Imperfection & Learning in Public,

    Playful, Personal, and Experimental,

    Intercropping & Content Diversity, and

    Independent Ownership.


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  9. OAuth, “It’s complicated.” with Aaron Parecki (The Changelog #456) |> Changelog

    Today we’re joined by Aaron Parecki, co-founder of IndieWebCamp and maintainer of, for a deep dive on the state of OAuth 2.0 and what’s next in OAuth 2.1. We cover the complications of OAuth, RFCs like Proof Key for Code Exchange, also known as PKCE, OAuth for browser-based apps, and next generation specs lik…

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  10. ‘If It’s In The World, It’s For Me’ - by Booksmart Studios and Amna Khalid - Booksmart Studios

    In Episode One of Banished, we covered the controversy around Victor Arnautoff’s murals, “Life of Washington” — a series of 13 paintings that cover the entrance and the hallway of George Washington High School in San Francisco.

    One of the voices in the episode was Professor Dewey Crumpler, an artist who was commissioned to paint so-called “response” murals to Arnautoff’s in the late 1960s when “Life of Washington” first became controversial. In this extended interview, Crumpler waxes lyrical not just about the mural controversy, but also about the place of art in society.

    “The most important place for young people to confront difficulty is in high school just before you get into the world,” Crumpler told us. “If it’s in the world, it’s for me. If it’s in the world, I have a right to know it. I have a right to experience it. And it’s my youth that helps prepare me for it, even though it will be problematic. That’s how we learn to overcome the difficulties.”

    Normally, extended guest interviews will only be available to paying subscribers, but we’re sharing this one with all of you to give you a taste of the kind of content you can expect if you subscribe to Booksmart Studios.

    Listen now (20 min) | Amna Khalid’s Extended Interview with Dewey Crumpler

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