the INF Club podcast - Episode 59: Kendra Patterson on how embracing her creative nature helped her move through burnout

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  1. This Week in Google 266 The Indie Web (9/11/2014)

    A classic Indieweb related episode in which a large portion of the episode revolves not only around Indieweb principles and ideas, but also focuses on Known, what it does, and how it works.

    Sep 11th 2014: Almost 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords were released on a Russian Bitcoin forum. The Moto 360, the Indie Web, Google Voice is getting integrated into Hangouts, and more!

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  2. Gigaom | Voices in AI – Episode 23: A Conversation with Pedro Domingos

    In this episode Byron and Pedro Domingos talk about the master algorithm, machine creativity, and the creation of new jobs in the wake of the AI revolution.

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  3. Cancel This! | On the Media | WNYC Studios

    The impeachment; coronavirus rumors go viral; the controversy around Joe Rogan’s Bernie Sanders endorsement; and the perils of "cancel culture."

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  4. 166: Ambient Struggles (feat. May-Li Khoe & Andy Matuschak)

    Today’s show is a rare two-person episode featuring previous-guest May-Li Khoe and newcomer Andy Matuschak. In this episode we do things a bit different, digging into tough topics like fear, learning how to learn, designing with convictions, working on the right problems, and so much more.

    Come chat with us in our Slack team! Over 5,000 designers and developers have already joined our team, chatting about the latest tools and news in the design world. Each week we also host a community critique with a special guest host. To join our team visit our Slack invite page and we’ll send you an invitation!

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  5. The EOS Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

    The 1st Podcast In EOS History

    Get EOS Smart. Talks From Top Minds

    Host Brandon Parker @HappyMoneyMan

    The EOS Podcast talks with Block Producers, New Dapps, & Thought Leaders in Blockchain.

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  6. Move Over Gin, We’ve Got Tonic Fever - Gastropod

    Is it true that the G&T began life as a pleasant way for the Anglo-Indian elite to take their anti-malarials? The science and history of tonic.

    Just a few decades ago, gin & tonics were considered rather stodgy and boring, the drink of suburbanites at the golf club. Today, the century-old drink is hot again. In part, that’s due to a boom in craft gin distilling—a ginaissance! But there’s also been a new wave of experimentation with gin’s life partner, tonic water. This episode, we focus on the tonic side of the equation. Which genius came up with the idea of combining quinine, a malaria drug, with soda water and sugar in order to create this refreshing beverage? How did the bark of a South American tree end up in everything from hair-restoring shampoo to cocktails? And is it true that the G&T began life as a pleasant way for the Anglo-Indian elite to take their anti-malarials? This episode, we take a sip of tonic’s history with Kim Walker and Mark Nesbitt, authors of the new book Just the Tonic: A Natural History of Tonic Water. Listen in for all that, plus beef-infused tonic wines, Aperol spritzes, and the gin & tonic’s true origin story. Cheers!

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