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  1. Micro Monday - 100: A Conversation About Micro.blog, with special guest Patrick Rhone

    A special episode to mark a milestone for the Micro Monday podcast. Manton and Jean talk with Patrick Rhone, who previously appeared on Episode 4. We take a look at how Micro.blog has evolved and where it’s going, focusing on these questions:

    How important are independent blogs, considering what we have seen elsewhere in social media?

    How has Micro.blog and the community evolved?

    How could Micro.blog be improved?

    Our pets share opinions too.


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  2. Micro Monday - Episode 51: More questions and answer with @manton

    It’s time for another episode of Ask Manton. We collected questions from the Micro.blog community and talked about some of the features and issues on your mind, in particular:

    Portability and Backups

    Possibility of Private Accounts

    Adding photo collection grid and “On This Date” memories to Micro.blog

    and more

    Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. We’ll do this again in another couple months. In the meantime, you can ask @help or email help@micro.blog.


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  3. Micro Monday - Episode 32: @abouthalf

    On the podcast this week is Michael Barrett, an artist who enjoys experimenting with new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what we expect from art online. We talk about how he’s moved his website to his Micro.blog-hosted site, with a distinctive custom CSS style he built himself.

    Michael’s Custom CSS project on Github

    Guacamole Tips

    Do You Have A Pool?

    Michael’s Instagram Grid Projects


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  4. Microcast Studio · 4: Getting Started With Microcasting: Audio Processing Basics (8 mins.)

    On this episode, Manton and Jean talk about post-processing your audio files for podcast use. The simplest step is to make sure it is an MP3, for maximum compatibility with audio players. A next step is to pay attention to audio leveling and loudness normalization, so that your file plays at the optimal volume. We both use Auphonic, an online service, to process all our podcast files. (They offer 2 hours of free processing per month, which is perfect for a microcast!)

    Wavelength, the Micro.blog iOS podcast app can even link to your Auphonic account and send out your Wavelength recording for processing before publishing it.

    Micro.blog makes it easy to create microcasts, and microcasts are a great way to get started if you want to create an audio series of any length. A microcast is just a short podcast, maybe 5-10 minutes. At Micro.blog, we added free microcast hosting through April 2020 to all Micro.blog paid accounts to provide a new outlet for people who want to try new things and to cope with today’s challenges in a positive and creative way.

    Feel free to send questions to jean@microcast.studio!


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