XRAY In The Morning: Wednesday, June 5th, 2019: Lillian Karabaic interviews Aaron Parecki with IndieWeb

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XRAY In The Morning - Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 News & Politics

TODAY ON XRAY: (1)News with Friends with Lillian Karabaic and Michael Leverette (2)Talk Media News (3) Everything Is Interesting: Old Wives’ Tales (4) Lillian interviews Aaron Parecki with IndieWeb [1:24:58] https://cdn.xray.fm/audio/xray-in-the-mornings/xray-in-the-mornings_2019-06-05_07-00-00.mp3#t=5098 (5) A rebroadcast of our interview from with Andrea Rodgers of Our Children’s Trust (6) Since it’s Wednesday, we close out the show with Ben DeJarnette from Bridgeliner

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