Heritage Cereals Edited Audio : Nessie Reid

Heritage cereals: historic crops for a more sustainable future Chair: John Letts (heritage harvest ltd.) Speakers: Andrew Wilkinson (Gilchesters Organics), David Howell (Offley Mill), Michael Hansen (Bread for Life), Tom Nicholson (The Oxford Artisan Distillery), Holly Tiffen (Grown in Totnes) Conventional cereal production is unsustainable and damaging to human health and the environment. Growing organically is a clear step forward, but modern organic varieties are unsuitable for low-input systems and unreliable in a changing climate. Genetically-diverse ‘populations’ of heritage grains developed using evolutionary plant breeding methods provide a more reliable, profitable and flavourful alternative to conventional (and future GM) varieties. Speakers in this session will examine the origins of heritage cereals and discuss their use in artisan baking, brewing and distilling.