Backpackers and their food

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  1. Backpacking Basics: Everything You Need To Know To Start Backpacking

    Hey y’all, I tried to pack this video with all the information I think you need to know if you want to start backpacking. The number 1 goal of this video is to make it as easy as possible for ANYONE to out on trail, especially if you don’t even know what to search for!

    If you already watched my beginner backpacking playlist ( ), the new info is summarized below the table of contents.

    00:00 Intro 00:45 10 Essentials of Hiking 05:15 SHELTERS 05:17 Tents 17:18 Stakes 18:28 Tarps 21:31 Bivy 23:14 Hammocks 27:00 SLEEP SYSTEMS 27:02 Sleeping Bags 29:31 Down vs Synthetic 36:55 Quilts 39:27 Sleeping Pads 39:42 Foam 41:25 Self Inflating 42:10 Inflatable 45:02 FOOTWEAR 45:10 Hiking Boots 50:21 Trail Runners 52:44 Sandals 55:08 How To Properly Fit 59:27 Camp Shoes 01:01:21 Socks 01:08:10 CLOTHING LAYERS 01:10:10 Underwear 01:12:09 Base Layers 01:13:32 Shirts 01:14:48 Pants/Shorts/Skirts 01:18:09 Mid Layers 01:21:10 Rain Gear 01:28:05 BUGS! 01:29:50 Ticks and General Repellants 01:33:03 Mosquitoes 01:35:33 Bees/Wasps 01:40:45 WATER TREATMENT 01:41:43 Boiling 01:43:43 Chemical Treatments 01:45:19 Filters 01:51:39 FOOD 01:56:54 Food Storage 02:01:35 Stoves 02:05:54 Cookware 02:10:33 ELECTRONICS 02:12…

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  2. The $100 Backpacking Challenge

    Can you go on a backpacking trip without spending over $100? That was the challenge laid forth by Drew Prindle from Digital Trends and Nicole Raney from own The Manual. They spent a night in the woods of Oregon, placing their priorities on different items, learning a lot along the way. What kind of sleeping bag should you get? What about a backpack? How can you possibly survive on such a small amount? Along with tips for everyone, they cover their entire, hilarious, and informative experience, on this episode.


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  3. Amid Travel Ban Debate, Chefs And Food Brands Take a Stand On Immigration : The Salt : NPR

    From pledges to hire refugees to fundraisers for the ACLU, food businesses large and small are getting vocal about their support for immigrants in the wake of President Trump’s new policies.

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  4. 094: With Emily Dunkle - ShopTalk

    094: With Emily Dunkle

    December 3rd, 2013     01:04:16

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    This week we were joined by Emily Dunkle. Emily is a UI & UX Designer from Massachusetts. She believes in semantic markup, design of all kinds, and a good old-fashioned legal pad.

    We talked about (roughly in order):



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  5. In Conversation: Martin Temmen, Matthew Falconer, Rene Bonn, Chris Thomas - TCRNo.6

    At the finish in Meteora, four of the top finishers discuss the variety of skills needed to do well in the TCR, they talk dotwatchers and share how the race has changed them as people.

    Produced and Presented by Tom Bonnett Photograph: James Robertson

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  6. G!RO Talks Ultra | TCR Wrap Up With Matt Falconer

    In this G!RO Podcast, Jordan Addison talks to special guest Matt Falconer. Having just completed his 4th Trans Continental Race, we took the opportunity on the ferry on route home to have a chat with him and debrief his race this year.

    Matt was the 20th rider to finish TCRNo.7 with a time of 12 Days, 14 Hours and 53 Minutes, covering just over 4000km!

    Join us as we hear his thoughts straight after the race.

    Matt Falconer :

    Curve :

    TransContinental :

    G!RO :

    Jordan Addison :

    Doors always open so stop in and grab a brew.

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