Episode 61: Vanish (2.17.2017) | Criminal

Episode 61: Vanish (2.17.2017)


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People have faked death to escape criminal convictions, debts, and their spouses. In 2007, a man named Amir Vehabovic faked his death just to see who showed up at the funeral (answer: only his mom). It’s an appealing soap-opera fantasy, but actually disappearing requires an incredible amount of planning. How do you obtain a death certificate, a believable new identity, or enough money to start a new life? Today — the answers to those questions, stories of fake death gone wrong, and a man who spends his life bringing back the dead.


Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud, by Elizabeth Greenwood


Steven Rambam’s Investigative Agency, Pallorium, Inc.



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Artwork by Julienne Alexander.  


Music in this episode: “Galaxy Shard” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Betrayal, Lies and Disaster” by Josh Spacek, “Going Forward Looking Back” by Podington Bear, “Nasty” by David Szesztay, “Mercurial Vision” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Our Quiet Company” by Blue Dot Sessions, and “Speed Reader,” original music for Criminal by Blue Dot Sessions.



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