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I’m a Johns Hopkins trained biomedical and electrical engineer with a variety of interests in information theory, biology, big history, abstract and theoretical mathematics, evolution, genetics, microbiology, transgenetics, translational medicine, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation.

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  1. An open podcast to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.

    An open podcast to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter. It’s way too long and rambles too much, but the idea is imho worth 16 minutes.

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  2. Can Your Website be Your API? | Web Standards Group Podcast

    This last week I had the pleasure of giving a presentation for the Web Standards Group London microformats special. I was presenting alongside Norm who was giving some of the background into microformats, and Jeremy, who was covering day-to-day use as well as showing some of the tools that are currently available.

    More details:


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  3. The Indigenous memory code - All In The Mind - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Traditional Aboriginal Australian songlines hold the key to a powerful memory technique used by indigenous people around the world.

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  4. Memory Craft: Lynne Kelly On The Potent Power Of Ancient Mnemonics

    Lynne Kelly joins the podcast to discuss her new book Memory Craft. We discuss the Memory Palace technique, her bestiary, rapscallions and much, much more.

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  5. Lynne Kelly: unlocking ancient memory storehouses - ABC Conversations with Richard Fidler

    Lynne believes she’s found a ‘code’ describing the way non-literate peoples shared sophisticated knowledge.

    Wednesday 22 June 2016

    Lynne is a science writer who was researching the methods used by ancient cultures to retain vast amounts of information about animals and plants.

    She was looking into the way knowledge was recorded through stories, song and dance.

    On a journey to Stonehenge in England, Lynne was struck by the thought that the makers of that monumental stone circle were doing the same thing.

    Lynne’s research suggests the stone circles of England, the huge animal shapes in Peru, and the statues of Easter Island, were not so much objects of superstition, but tools allowing people to create a huge storehouses of knowledge.

    An academic with diverse interests including spiders, history, and scepticism, Lynne applies the memory ‘code’ to manage her own stores of facts and information.

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  6. The Spirit Of The Web by Jeremy Keith

    This talk was given at the first Smashing Conference 2012 in Freiburg. Here is the talk description:

    With the explosion of Web-enabled devices of all shapes and sizes, the practice of Web design and development seems more complex than ever. But if we can learn to see below this overwhelming surface to the underlying Web beneath, we can learn to make sites not for specific devices but for the people using them. This talk will demonstrate how tried and tested principles like progressive enhancement are more important than ever. By embracing the spirit of the Web, you can ensure that your websites are backwards-compatible and future-friendly.

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  7. Hunter S. Thompson on Studs Terkel’s Radio Program (1972)

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  8. Episode 226 – Create Your Own Website Write about What You Discover and Be Dependable with Jeremy Keith – IT Career Energizer

    Jeremy Keith is a web developer at Clearleft, a design agency that he co-founded, in 2005.

    He is the author of several books about web design and is a regular speaker at conferences across the world.

    He is also an organiser of events, including the recent Patterns Day 2 in Brighton.


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  9. The internet we lost — The Weeds — Overcast

    Function’s Anil Dash joins Matt to discuss how Big Tech broke the web and how we can get it back.

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  10. James Clear and Cal Newport

    Original video:
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