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I’m a Johns Hopkins trained biomedical and electrical engineer with a variety of interests in information theory, biology, big history, abstract and theoretical mathematics, evolution, genetics, microbiology, transgenetics, translational medicine, and the entertainment industry including: finance, distribution, representation.

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  1. Sacha Baron Cohen: The Fresh Air Interview : NPR

    Actor and writer Sacha Baron Cohen is famous for taking his characters — Ali G., Borat, Bruno — into the real world, interacting with people who have no idea that they’re dealing with a fictional character. But his new movie, The Dictator, is a scripted comedy about a tyrant on the loose in New York.

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  2. ML Live #48: Why “took a business that was perfectly fine & crashed it into the ground”’s CEO explains the marketing repercussions from last year’s decision to pivot from "one site fits all" into a series of separate vertical sites.

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  3. This Week in Google 395 Shake it Like a Polaroid

    Google’s Algorithm is lying to you about Obama, women, and onions. All the News from the Google Cloud Next Conference. Wikileaks’ CIA hacking tools and their funny names. Mark Zuck…

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  4. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast: Episode 683 - Sacha Baron Cohen

    You know Borat. You know Bruno. You know Ali G. But you probably don’t know much about Sacha Baron Cohen. The man himself sits down with Marc in the garage to talk about what goes into bringing such rich comedic characters to life, why he was drawn to comedy in the first place, and what’s next, with his new movie The Brothers Grimsby on the horizon. This episode is sponsored by Audible, Squarespace,, MeUndies and SoFi.

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  5. We are SWEET on You: Sugar, HFCS, & Artificial Sweetners

    This time on the Masters of Social Gastronomy podcast, we’re talking about sugar and artificial sweeteners

    If you’ve ever crossed the Williamsburg Bridge, then you’ve surely noticed the towering structures of the defunct Domino’s Sugar factory. In this month’s MSG we’ll explore Brooklyn in an era when sugar was king, as well as take a behind-the-scenes peek at its modern day inheritor Sweet n’ Low.

    But is giving in to our sweet tooth digging our own graves? Let’s break down the science behind the fear of sugar, from carcinogenic artificial sweeteners to the possible perils of that ubiquitous high fructose corn syrup.

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  6. Cocktails!

    What’s a timber doodle? How do you make a gin sling? Where did the cocktail straw come from?

    The cocktail is credited as one of America’s greatest inventions. Sarah and Soma will examine the dawn of the cocktail and trace the origins of some of our country’s most beloved imbibements. You’ll learn how to make the drinks that got your ancestors drunk: the sherry cobbler, the mint julep and more. We’ll talk blue blazers and Jerry Thomas, and Soma reveals tips for making the best modern cocktails: the secrets of the right ice and shaken vs. stirred.

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  7. Big History Challenges Conventional History, Critics Raise Questions : NPR

    While most history courses start with the beginning of human civilization, roughly 10,000 years ago, Big History starts with the Big Bang. Humans don’t get mentioned until halfway into the course.

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  8. Recipes from “Food Matters” by Mark Bittman

    Food writer and home cooking guide Mark Bittman is a hero in many American kitchens. His “How to Cook Everything” has put a lot of meals on a lot of family tables.

    Now, Bittman is taking up a bigger cause than dinner: The way Americans eat, he says, is killing themselves and the planet. Too much meat. Too much junk food. Too big a footprint.


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  9. Re-searching the Potential of Cultural-Historical Psychology

    Speaker(s): Professor Michael Cole

    Recorded on 16 May 2007 at Old Theatre, Old Building

    From its founding as an academic discipline, psychology has been divided in its understanding of itself. The project to create a psychology that unifies experimental, ‘physiological’ psychology and ethnographic, cultural-historical psychology requires a reconfiguration of the disciplinary landscape of the late 19th century that, from our current perspective, appears inter-disciplinary, including, as it does, scholarship from anthropology, sociology, discourse analysis as well as the neurosciences and evolutionary biology.

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  10. This Week in Google 396 Mechanical Turking

    South By Southwest news from Austin local Stacey Higginbotham. 100 announcements from Google Cloud Next. Can Google fix its ‘one true answer’ problem? U.S. charges 4 Russians with …

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