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  1. Stand Up, Walk Around, Even Just For ‘20 Minutes’

    Federal health guidelines recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise — such as walking or jogging — every single day. But new research shows that even regular exercisers may not be doing enough to counteract the health hazards of sitting down at a desk all day long.


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  2. Rachel Maddow Interview on Fresh Air

    Really good interview. "Maddow's new book Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power traces how U.S. national intelligence agencies have taken over duties that were once assigned to the military, and how this shift has increased the public disconnect from the consequences of war."


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  3. This American Life Poultry Slam

    Third Act is a really good: "In order to make foie gras - goose liver - the birds have to be treated inhumanely, strapped down and force-fed huge amounts of food. So when a chef named Dan Barber heard about Eduardo Sousa, a Spaniard who had supposedly found a way to make foie gras without mistreating the animals, Dan didn't believe it… until he went to Spain to investigate. Dan runs the New York restaurant"

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