Michael Kitces – The Past, Present & Future of Financial Advice – [Invest Like the Best, EP.122]

My guest this week is Michael Kitces, who is one of our

industries go-to experts on all things financial advise and financial planning.

We discuss the past, present, and future of financial

advise, financial technology, and investing. If you are a financial advisor or

use one, this conversation is full of great history and perspective. Please


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Show Notes

1:08 – (First Question) – History of financial

planning/advice model

5:26 – Fee changes in the 1970’s

10:01 – The start of the AUM model

10:44 – Value proposition for financial advisors beyond

trading vs robo-advsiors

            11:49 – Why

Robo-Advisors Will Be No Threat To Real Advisors

18:20 – Why are humans still dominating the space

23:58 – Future of advisor fees

32:50 – Viability of the human driven flat fee model

37:50 – The dominance of flat fee models

43:13 – What services are financial advisors offering to

justify their fees

47:17 – Dimensions to divide potential customers

52:20 – Exciting updates on the investment side that will

help differentiate managers

55:37 – Any investment function beyond the basics that is

intriguing to him

58:45 – Most interesting problems to be solved on the

investing and non-investing sides

1:04:52 – Advice for young advisors

1:09:24 – How does he invest his own money

1:11:31 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Michael



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