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  1. Michael Kitces – The Past, Present & Future of Financial Advice – [Invest Like the Best, EP.122]

    My guest this week is Michael Kitces, who is one of our

    industries go-to experts on all things financial advise and financial planning.

    We discuss the past, present, and future of financial

    advise, financial technology, and investing. If you are a financial advisor or

    use one, this conversation is full of great history and perspective. Please


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    Show Notes

    1:08 – (First Question) – History of financial

    planning/advice model

    5:26 – Fee changes in the 1970’s

    10:01 – The start of the AUM model

    10:44 – Value proposition for financial advisors beyond

    trading vs robo-advsiors

                11:49 – Why

    Robo-Advisors Will Be No Threat To Real Advisors

    18:20 – Why are humans still dominating the space

    23:58 – Future of advisor fees

    32:50 – Viability of the human driven flat fee model

    37:50 – The dominance of flat fee models

    43:13 – What services are financial advisors offering to

    justify their fees

    47:17 – Dimensions to divide potential customers

    52:20 – Exciting updates on the investment side that will

    help differentiate managers

    55:37 – Any investment function beyond the basics that is

    intriguing to him

    58:45 – Most interesting problems to be solved on the

    investing and non-investing sides

    1:04:52 – Advice for young advisors

    1:09:24 – How does he invest his own money

    1:11:31 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Michael


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  2. Sunday 1A Podcast: Where did all of Colorado’s marijuana money go?

    On Jan. 1, 2014, Colorado became the first U.S. state to allow legal recreational marijuana sales. It was sold to voters as a way to fix up crumbling schools, but that’s only the start of where the hundreds of millions of tax dollars has gone. With the help of Anna Staver and John Aguilar, Denver Post reporters David Migoya and Jon Murray investigated how that money has been spent at the local and state levels and just how much of it has gone toward fixing schools. Migoya and Murray discuss their reporting and examine how marijuana money has affected communities across Colorado in this podcast.

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  3. 52. Menno Henselmans

    This is an absolute powerhouse of a podcast that cuts through all the scientific literature and provides you with information grounded in evidence. We cover topics ranging all the way from adequate protein intake, factors that dictate food satiety, caloric intake and metabolism. Bio: Menno Henselmans is a scientist, fitness model and online physique coach. He was once a business consultant specializing in advanced statistical data analysis but he traded his company car to follow his true passion in fitness. His background is in science and statistics which inspired him to form the Henselmans PT course. He helps serious trainees attain their ideal physique. He is a published scientific author in Sports Medicine, the highest impact factor journal in exercise science, and peer-reviewer for the Journal of Human Kinetics. Experienced world class coach and speaker. In other words, he knows what he is talking about and backs it up with solid science and numbers. Time Stamps: 0:15 - Ketogeek housecleaning, new flavor announcement & design updates 12:11 - How to understand a scientific paper 15:54 - Who are "Intermediatories", "synthesizers" and "revolutionaries" 18:00 - How to figure out which educator, writer or influencer is credible or not 20:10 - Uncertainty of nutrition science & how you can tell if a nutrition study is bunk 30:58 - What is the optimal protein intake for humans? 33:16 - Pros and cons of nitrogen balance and measuring muscle protein synthesis 36:47 - Does food processing impact the thermic effect of food? 39:40 - What does "protein" in scientific literature mean? 42:44 - Factors that drive maximum protein synthesis 47:21 - Why do you look lose muscles so quickly when you take a break from gym? 50:45 - Protein intake, gluconeogenesis and nutritional ketosis 54:31 - Discussion about food satiety & why protein is not more satiating than carbs and fats 1:07:09 - Why consuming liquid calories isn't a smart idea 1:10:49 - How to gather correct information from studies that have conflict of interest 1:18:18 - Why don't all of the extra calories you eat turn immediately into stored fat? 1:23:41 - Why there is no such thing as "metabolic damage"? Menno Henselmans Links:

    Website & Newsletter Sign Up: Personal Training Course: Facebook:


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    Article about liquidating protein and reduction in satiety

    Article about why protein is not more satiating than carbs and fats

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