Episode 65: Philocalypse Now — Very Bad Wizards

Download MP3 Audio (38.1 MB)Episode Notes and LinksNotesHoly crap, it's the apocalypse!!!!  …for philosophy. Maybe. Has this 2500 year old discipline become too technical, too disconnected from the real world? Is it just a handmaiden to the sciences? (Which would make Tamler Dave's handmaiden.) And what the hell is conceptual analysis? Plus, a short excerpt of Tamler's interview with Simon Blackburn, and definitive proof that worms have free will (sorry Sam). And only one more week to buy our t-shirt!LinksFree Will? Analysis of worm neurons suggest how a single stimulus can trigger different responses [sciencedaily.com]Strawson, P. F. (1962). Freedom and resentment. [princeton.edu]Doomen, J. (2015). The end of philosophy. Think, 14(39), 99-109. [verybadwizards.com]For a Non-Ideal Metaphysics by Justin Smith [jehsmith.com] Concepts [plato.stanford.edu]Harry Frankfurt says Philosophy is in the Doldrums [http://leiterreports.typepad.com]Simon Blackburn's Website [phil.cam.ac.uk]