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  1. The Prince Podcast – Susan Rogers Interview –

    I have so enjoyed this interview.

    i love hearing the eyewitness accounts and Susan’s take on situations we’ve only heard about.

    i agree with you, michael, that his unreleased tapes should not be ‘finished.’ I don’t believe susan knows what prince prince’s final ailment was, which is fine, it should matter and it doesn’t.

    she was kind of talking about stuff that’s been in the media, which is straw grasping. prince had his operation in 2010 and the pain med addiction was a recent event due to terminal illness (according to his sister).

    that aside, i don’t agree that prince was not as funky as james or sly.

    sly was a funky pop artist who could have had a great career but drugs kept him from showing up to gigs…we never knew if he was going to be there…lol! luckily we saw his band on tv.

    much like tupac, his great words did not equal the ability to follow through.

    in any case larry drove the funk of sly and prince had larry.

    maceo and bobby byrd drove the jt’s and prince had maceo.

    prince was the funkiest brother on 2 legs.

    james was good, but you didn’t always understand what he was saying, but he was really something when he came on the scene in the 60’s.

    i saw him in the 80’s and he was so high he didn’t know where he was (Beverly theatre, l.a.). we were so disappointed, to say nothing of his personal life as a batterer.

    prince wasn’t perfect, but he was an artist…a real artist.

    sly started out as one, james was a businessman.

    lastly, susan may have not realized it but ‘adore’ became the ‘black national anthem of love’ and i’m surprised you didn’t tell her that.

    thanks for keeping the purple flame alive.

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  2. Nerdist Podcast: T.J. Miller #3 | Nerdist

    T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley, Deadpool, Cashing in with T.J. Miller podcast) chats with Chris about how he deals with anxiety, the ways they both cope with being

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  3. #184: Jack Conte - How to get fans - DIY Musician Podcast

    The biggest thing holding your music back might be YOU! In this episode you’ll hear Jack Conte (of the band Pomplamoose) talk about the importance of creative momentum, the crippling effect of premature self critique, and why you need to put out as much music as possible to create the widest “funnel” for your potential fans. Are you finding more obstacles than inspiration in your music career? Jack will give you a good kick in the pants. It’s a fun and insightful speech, which he delivered as the keynote of 2016’s DIY Musician Conference.

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  4. 2017 Personality 04/05: Heroic and Shamanic Initiations

    In this lecture, 04 and 05 combined, I discuss the relationship between the initiatory structure characteristic of shamanism and the process of radical personality transformation, self- or therapy-induced. The basic structure is order/paradise, chaos/the fall, re-establishment of order/paradise. Since all paradises fall, however, the true paradise is identification with the process of transformation itself. Want to support this channel?


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  5. FTP037a – Dr. Kirby Surprise on Shamanism, Psychedelics, and Magick

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  6. Unslaved Podcast: Aleister Crowley, The Truth (Ep 9, Hr 1)

    Unslaved Podcast Episode 9, Hour 1

    Aleister Crowley Explained. Not the evil "Beast" you’ve been fooled into believing, 100 percent proven.

    We find Crowley’s name indexed not with the enlighteners and geniuses of history, but instead the scoundrels and sociopaths. Michael takes an investigative look into Crowley’s work on the Tarot, what it reveals and its relevance today, and provides a proper analysis of all of the facts surrounding his life and philosophy. Perhaps journalists and commenters of his time, and our time, made one of the biggest mistakes in biographical history.

    Free Hour: - Who Was Aleister Crowley? - The Thoth deck explained - Accusations true or false?

    Members Exclusive Show: - Black Magic vs White Magic - The Aeon of Horus - Tarot symbolism - Esoteric numerology - Kaballah and the Tarot - Taoism and Crowley - Christianity and the Christ - Hellfire club - Golden Dawn - Icons and Idols - Gutter journalism - Individualism vs Collectivism - Theatre, Art, and Culture - Crowley’s Spiritual concepts - Authoritarianism and cultural conditioning

    Become a member today at

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  7. Mindrolling – Ep. 182 - Duncan, Pete, and Raghu enter the Synaptic Cleft

    Raghu is joined by his good friends Duncan Trussell and Pete Holmes search their synaptic cleft for consciousness and the guru.


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  8. Face to Face - John Berger

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  9. John Berger and Susan Sontag / To Tell A Story (1983)

    John Berger and Susan Sontag exchange ideas on the ‘lost art’ of storytelling, 1983.

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  10. Courtney Sperlazza Fizzler

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