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  1. The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #9 - Jordan B. Peterson - Family Update June 2020

    Welcome to the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, episode 9. This is a brief podcast with my dad Jordan Peterson about what happened to him and my family in the last year.

    The following are links that may help elucidate some of the topics we discussed in this episode:

    Paradoxical reaction to benzodiazepines – a condition dad was diagnosed with - Akathisia - something dad really really really suffered from - - “Many medical professionals don’t recognize akathisia or that it’s a drug-induced state. Instead, they write off the symptoms as a “worsening of mental illness” or other condition. Sometimes they even raise the dose of the offending drug and when the patient’s condition worsens as a result, they may prescribe more medication which can sometimes further exacerbate the problem or that fail to offer relief. If the medical professionals you encounter are ignorant about akathisia or attempt to blame it on “something else”, present them with medical information on the condition or search until you find a knowledgeable physician.” - Catatonia and benzo withdrawal - - Suicidality and benzodiazepines - https://…

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  2. The TeachThought Podcast: The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 148 Can We Discuss Social Justice Honestly?

    Drew Perkins talks with James Lindsay about his recent article in Areo and work about social justice and activism in the peer review process in academia. Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

    @ConceptualJames Areo: Postmodern Religion and the Faith of Social Justice Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free Thought Grievance Studies affair Mike Nayna's YouTube channel Book: Everybody Is Wrong About God

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  3. Lindsley Brooks | Dancing with Divine Energies | Inipi Radio


    Lindsley Brooks is a feng shui practitioner who specializes in residential and fashion feng shui. She works with people looking to bring beauty, consciousness, and harmony to their living space, personal style, and lives. Lindsley is passionate about sacred living: being intentional about everything you do – from what you wear, to what you bring into your home, to what you put in your psyche.

    She incorporates her experience and training in divine feminine studies, psychology, spirituality, reiki, astrology, kinesiology, yoga, artistry, makeup artistry and personal styling.

    In all of her work, she has one overacting goal; to help you live in alignment and congruence with your true nature.

    Lindsley is family to me. We’ve been best friends since we were about 15 years old. Her Divine Intuition and sensitive have had a tremendous impact on my life, and it’s an absolute honor to have her on the show today. This has been a long time coming.


    Lindsley started learning about energy in general, and then looked more into how it shows up in people’s lives, and even more specifically in spaces.

    Now she helps people feng shui their life, their fashion, their home, and any other area that people feel the energy is off or somehow needs attention.

    How do we bring these energies (masculine and feminine) into harmony?

    We don’t necessarily want equal portions of these energies. Perhaps we are looking to harmonize them.

    We live in a patriarchal society, which implies that we are lead by the masculine. As where matriarchy would be the opposite.

    However, there are more layers than that. This is where we dive into the discussion about the Divine Masculine, False Masculine, Divine Feminine, and False Feminine.

    False Masculine - controlling, dominate, take what I want when I want it.

    False Feminine - feminist (in its false self), demonization of the masculine, however tending to be operating in a more (false) masculine way.

    Divine Feminine energy raises the intuition and connection.

    There’s a rise in the desire for the Divine Masculine because we’re trying to figure out how to be here, and be more connected.

    How do we actually create positive change?

    Change is masculine. But if it’s informed by the Divine Feminine, it’s the Divine Masculine. (This was the crux of our discussion!)

    Patriarchy and a False Masculine society has lead us to be scared of the Divine Feminine, and to believe it is weak in a physical world.

    We’ve made God into a male, masculine figure.

    The original ichthys (fish symbol) is actually the fisca picis. When the two Divine Energies are aligned, they create the almond shape in the middle. It represents the third entity, which is the Christ consciousness.

    When Mary anointed Jesus’ feet, it was actually a ritual to was about anointing the “peaceful king”.

    Judas was angered that he was the peaceful king because he believed Jesus was going to overthrow the empire, rather than choose to allow himself to be sacrificed.

    Jesus’ message was really about choosing love over all that stands against it. And that means resisting violence at all costs, even if it kills you.

    (Jared) Our violence killed Jesus. He died because of our sins, rather for them. He was killed as an activist, an enemy of the state, trying to create an awakening of the soul.

    When you’re operating in too much of the feminine, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. The masculine calls us back to self-care. And the two together, in harmony, can spur us towards self-actualization.

    Masculine energy is more about embodiment. It spurs us towards our physical and mental health.

    “How we do anything is how we do everything.” - Rob Bell.

    Asking whether or not we need a patriarchy or matriarchy is sort of missing the point. These are sociopolitical systems that should be the result of harmony between the masculine and feminine energies.

    Even things like natural disasters can be a sign of the universe reaching out to help you come back into alignment.

    Ultimately, we need to understand these two energies. We need to study them and find out how they affect. When we know how nature and the earth work, we can start to understand how we work.


    Lindsley Brooks

    Feng Shui for Residential and Fashion


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  4. 31. Astrology 101 (Magic is Real!) w/ Maja d’Auost

    Episode 31- How can the planets actually affect our lives? Is magic real? We got the answers to these questions and more in a most enchanted chat with Witch of the Dawn, Maja D'Aoust. Maja is an esoteric superstar, oracle, lecturer at the Philosophical Research Society, seasoned astrologer, intuitive counselor and actual magic maker. We pick her brain on the real-like working of astrological theology and have her explain how magic can be real, and what it looks like to live a life outside of the tiny box that is most people's reality. This episode will give you some insane insights into esoteric secrets that have been historically kept deeply hidden.

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