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  1. Simon Willison - Building crowdsourcing applications

    Crowdsourcing applications take indigestible tasks and break them down into digestible pieces, enabling a group to help plough through large scale projects in much shorter periods of time. Designing and building crowdsourcing applications incorporates a fascinating range of challenges, from usability, psychology and interaction design to scaling applications for surges of traffic - all the while ensuring that contributors are rewarded, good behaviour is encouraged and the resulting data comes out in a useful format. This talk will discuss lessons learned building serious crowdsourcing applications on newsroom schedules at the Guardian, and playful crowdsourcing features for Simon Willison is a developer, speaker, writer and all-round web technology enthusiast. Simon works for Guardian News and Media as a software architect for and the Guardian Open Platform. Before joining the Guardian Simon worked as a consultant for clients that included the BBC, Automattic and GCap Media. Simon is a past member of Yahoo!’s Technology Development team, where his projects included the initial prototype of FireEagle, Yahoo!’s location broker API. Prior to Yahoo! he worked at the Lawrence Journal-World, an award winning local newspaper in Kansas. Simon is a co-creator of the Django web framework, and a passionate advocate for Open Source and standards-based development. He maintains a popular Web development blog at Follow Simon on Twitter: @simonw

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  2. Discussion with Harper Reed

    A discussion with Harper Reed, CTO of and the creator of the Google App Engine/Django powered jabber bot for Twitter messaging. is a somewhat new project for Reed. He took the opportunity, thanks to pressure from his peers, to give Django a try and as you’ll tell when listening – he absolutely loves it. runs on Google App Engine and employs the google-app-engine-django to ease the process of creating a Django project to run on the Google App Engine.

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  3. The Django Story

    The story of Django; where it came from and how a local newspaper in Kansas ended up running a successful open-source project.

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  4. Episode 0.5.2 - Serve, RadiantCMS, Prototyping, and Design with John Long - The Changelog - Open Source moves fast. Keep up.

    Episode 0.5.2 - Serve, RadiantCMS, Prototyping, and Design with John Long Adam sat down with…

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