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  1. The Changelog #225: 99 Practical Bottles of OOP with Sandi Metz | Changelog

    Sandi Metz joined the show to talk about her beginnings on a mainframe, her 30+ years of programming experience, the ins and outs of OOP, her book Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby (aka POODR), as well as her latest book 99 Bottles of OOP which she co-authored with Katrina Owen. We also covered a few listener submitted questions at the end.

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  2. James Altucher Ep. 220: Matt Mullenweg – Do You Have Your Own Internal “Code”

    I have a rule. After every podcast, I write down 10 things I learned. I don’t know if anyone else does this. Do you do this? Some people make illustrations. They send me what they’ve learned. It’s a creation of a creation of a creation. A drawing of a podcast of someone’s life.

    But I broke my rule. It’s been over a month. And my brain is digging for the lessons from my interview with the creator of WordPress. I think I have Alzheimer’s. Matt was 19 years old when he started WordPress. It was 2003. Now gets more traffic than

    The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times both use WordPress. I use WordPress.

    I wanted to know if it’s still worth the time and effort to make your own site. He said it is. That’s how you break out…

    “We’re trying to revitalize the independent web,” Matt Mullenweg said. He’s 33 now. “It’s not like these big sites are going anywhere. They’re fantastic. I use all of them, but you want balance. You need your own site that belongs to you… like your own home on the Internet.”

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  3. Yuval Harari, author of “Sapiens,” on AI, religion, and 60-day meditation retreats from The Ezra Klein Show on podbay

    Yuval Harari, author of “Sapiens,” on AI, religion, and 60-day meditation retreatsYuval Noah Harari’s first book, “Sapiens,” was an international sensation. The Israeli historian’s mind-bending tour through the trump of Homo sapiens is a favorite of, among others, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Barack Obama. His new book, Homo Deus, is about what comes next for humanity — and the threat our own intelligence and creative capacity poses to our future. And it, too, is fantastically interesting. I’ve wanted to talk to Harari since reading Sapiens. I’ve had one big question about him: what kind of mind creates a book like that? And now I know. A clear one.Virtually everything Harari says in this conversation in fascinating. But what I didn’t expect was how central his consistent practice of vipassana meditation — which includes a 60-day silent retreat each year — is to understanding the works of both history and futurism he produces. We talk about that, and also:-His theory on how all large-scale collaboration is based on fictions, from mythologies and religions to nationalism to human rights-Why he sees money as one of the greatest stories human beings have ever told-Why he reads only 5-10 pages of a huge number of books-His theory that human beings have moved from venerating gods, to venerating themselves, to venerating data — and what that means for our future-How we treat other animals and what that might imply for how artificial intelligences could treat us -Whether wide swaths of human beings will be rendered useless by advances in computing-The ways in which a narrow idea of what intelligence is — and the way it relates to consciousness — is holding us back from understanding AIThis is one of my favorite conversations we’ve had. Enjoy! Books:-Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, & Steel-Frans de Waal’s Chimpanzee Politics-Aldous Huxley’s Brave New WorldTweetPopout Listen on iPhoneListen on AndroidLoading…Download

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  4. Why Are Computers 3: Ways to Be Less Clever

    Sandi Metz and Katrina Owen reflect upon the process of writing a book together, the secrets of building good software, and the logistics of the self-publishing business.

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  5. The Return of Mo - Lessons from Scott on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast: Fresh Air for Developers

    The Hanselminutes Podcast by Scott Hanselman

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  6. Keynote on Edutalk: David Price OBE – ‘OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live & Learn In The Future’ | EDUtalk

    Keynote on Edutalk: David Price OBE – ‘OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live & Learn In The Future’

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  7. BehindTheTech | Episode 1: Deborah Kurata Angular 2

    Want to catch the latest insider news, trends and insights from Pluralsight’s authors? Join Code School founder and entrepreneur Gregg Pollack on his Behind the Tech interview series. Gregg checks in with expert authors, catches up on new course releases and finds out what technologies make them “tick.”

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  8. Visual Studio Code

    We stray off the beaten road of Atom and Sublime, and instead discuss our new favourite editor, Visual Studio Code, and our top five extensions for it.

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  9. Communities of Practice - Cucumber Podcast·Cucumber

    Today we’re going to be talking about communities of practice and exploring how they can support learning in your company. Communities of practice are “formed by people who engage in a process of collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavor”.

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  10. #125 – Communicating Better as a Team

    We’re wrapping up our series on how you make yourself a better support pro with a look at how you communicate with your team. Whether you’re remote or local, communicating with your team members can be tough. Just like talking with customers takes time and practice, communicating with your team does as well.

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