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  1. Jane and the Compiler

    Most of the time, our relationship to programming languages is somewhat remote; we depend on the arcane details of the languages we use, but we don’t usually have much of a say in how those languages evolve.

    At Jane Street, we started out in that mode, as a mere user of the language. But over the last 15 years, we’ve moved to a more active stance, where today, we have a team of compiler devs who actively contribute to OCaml, and where we’re more deeply involved in figuring out the future direction of the language.

    In this talk, we discuss that history, touching on how upstream changes impacted us along the way, how we came to start making changes ourselves, and what ongoing projects we’re excited about.

    Presented by Yaron Minsky

    Yaron Minsky joined Jane Street back in 2002, and claims the dubious honor of having convinced the firm to start using OCaml. He also spends way too much time teaching his kids how to program.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXdMFxGdako
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  2. Caml Trading

    Jane Street Capital is a proprietary trading company that has shifted from developing software in mainstream programming languages to developing software almost entirely in OCaml, a statically typed functional programming language that has only modest industrial use. The scope of the enterprise is small but growing: Jane Street now has over 30 OCaml programmers that have collectively written hundreds of thousands of lines of OCaml code. OCaml is used for building everything from trading systems to research infrastructure to user interfaces to systems administration tools. This talk will discuss the motivations behind Jane Street’s adoption of OCaml, and why we think that statically typed functional programming languages are a good fit for the world of trading and finance.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKcOkWzj0_s
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  3. Alain Bertaud on Cities, Planning, and Order Without Design - Econlib

    Urbanist and author Alain Bertaud of NYU talks about his book Order without Design with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Bertaud explores the role of zoning and planning alongside the emergent factors that affect the growth of cities. He emphasizes the importance of cities as places for people to work and looks at how preferences and …


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  4. 60. From Engineer to Entrepreneur - Podcasts | Heroku

    Erin Allard is a Platform Support Engineer at Heroku, and she’s interviewing Ben Orenstein, one of the co-founders of Tuple. Screenshare was a popular pair programming app that was discontinued after being acquired by Slack. Finding no other alternative for this functionality, Ben and his friends built Tuple. Ben spent much of the early months of Tuple investigating pricing strategies, because he understood that the business wouldn’t exist unless he could charge a reasonable price customers would be willing to pay. This process also reduced the risk of their efforts, knowing that they could burn through months of savings with the likely goal of being able to turn a profit. To that end, Tuple became completely bootstrapped and self-sufficient. Ben continues by pointing out that having a group of advisors has been instrumental to Tuple’s success. These are friends and former colleagues who provide direct feedback, which allows Tuple to shape their own product roadmap based on real needs. He mentions the importance of being able to focus on the product and not the infrastructure as the main reason for choosing Heroku as the backend platform. Links from this episode Tuple is the app featured on this episode The Art of Product is Ben’s podcast detailing his experiences running a business


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