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  1. ‎The Hangar Z Podcast: Tom Churchill and Shotover’s new M2 camera system on Apple Podcasts

    In this episode we sit down with the man who co-founded a company that was instrumental in developing technology for flight crews that has led to the apprehension of countless criminals across the world.

    Churchill Navigation’s Augmented Reality mapping System has also helped TFO’s of all levels in…


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  2. The past, present, and future of Postgres, and the Postgres Playground

    In this episode:

    Craig Kerstiens joins us to talk about all things Postgres. From his early days launching the Postgres offering at Heroku, his time working at Citus, and now working with Crunchy Data, we discuss why Postgres is a database worth betting on for the long haul, as well as a sneak-peek of a brand new learning platform, the Postgres Playground!

    0:00 Intro 2:10 Welcome 3:20 Craig gives his background 5:50 What does crunchy data do 7:15 Benefits of focusing on vanilla Postgres 8:00 Why and how has Postgres evolved to be a utility DB 14:45 Postgres solving the widest use-case cross-section 18:45 What does Postgres compatible mean 21:00 Postgres, Hasura, and the open core path 22:24 Where to learn more about Postgres 23:19 Introducing Postgres Playground 27:15 Example, learn about CTEs 30:00 Example, learn about psql 38:00 Open learning for open DBs 39:50 Why get better at DBs when working with Hasura 41:00 Demo: Applying SQL learnings to Hasura 42:00 Demo: Creating and tracking a function in Hasura 53:00 GraphQL's value proposition over learning SQL 58:00 Craig's three tips 59:45 Closing

    Craig's Twitter: https://twitter.com/craigkerstiens Jesse's Twitter: https://twitter.com/motleydev The Postgress Playground: https://www.crunchydata.com/playground Learn Postgres at Hasura: https://hasura

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ryj5c8zLF50
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  3. Product positioning, storytelling, marketing ft. April Dunford | The Founder’s Foyer w/ Aishwarya

    So your product is now launched and it's out for customers to try. You know it’s awesome, but do you know whether they know?

    How do you ensure your potential buyers understand the value you’re providing; do they care?

    Often we hear about go-to market strategy—but before all that, what should you do to ensure your target customers know your secret sauce?

    Here’s someone, the ONLY one, who has all the lessons to teach us how to position a product!

    April Dunford discusses with Aishwarya what bad positioning for products could feel like, why is it important to take these signals and work on them to nail that good positioning; followed by how trends are perceived, why it's important to work together as a team to reinvent the positioning of your product, target audience segmentation, and more.

    00:00 Intro to April Dunford 01:18 How important a role does name play for a product or brand 08:03 How do trends help the sales folks answer "why now?" 11:29 What's positioning? Good vs weak positioning examples 14:57 Cultivating good positioning and signals to find when it's working 17:45 How to measure the impact of positioning well 19:59 Why positioning should feel like a team activity 21:32 April's framework for product positioning 27:38 Pitfalls of having a bad positioning exercise within produc…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPNHjiJp5fs
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  4. Scaling from Series B to Series D in 3 years and learnings from it (with Paula Molinar, Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Paddle) - The Demand Generation Movement | Podcast on Spotify

    Listen to this episode from The Demand Generation Movement on Spotify. Paula Molinar is the Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Paddle. Paula started at the company in 2019 when they where just 90 people. A few weeks ago they took in their series D investment of $200M and in this episode Paula share their biggest learnings and also marketing successes.In this episode we talked about:Moving from capturing to creating demandInsights from having BDRs within the marketing team.Learnings from implementing a "how did you hear about us" form field.Why you should focus on Storytelling Ads that tell people everything they need to know already in the feed.Are you ready to join the movement? Join our free slack community where some of the best demand marketers in Europe share knowledge on demandgenerationmovement.com.This episode is brought to you by our great sponsors Albacross, HockeyStack & Riverside.fm.


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  5. Growth Marketing Stories

    Growth Hacking is BS. There’s no quick way of making tons of money in the short term. Instead, we should focus on growth stories and growth flywheels. I believe you have to wait it out and do consistently smaller experiments, and initiatives to grow business as a growth marketer. This show is for growth marketers.

    This is a show about growth marketing stories, where we explore how growth marketers and their case studies explore deeply what’s really moving their business needle and to get inspired.

    Every week we’ll focus on one inspiring story that will tickle your creative neurons to find inspiration for your own work. 

    This is Growth Marketing Stories.


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  6. ‎This Week in Startups: How to hire anywhere in the world (legally) | Finance Basics with Kruze Consulting’s Scott Orn | E1326 on Apple Podcasts

    Remote work unlocked massive hiring opportunities for startups, but also creates new compliance challenges. In this episode, Kruze Consulting COO Scott Orn joins to explain how startups should navigate remote work. They discuss PEOs, sales tax, and tax credits.


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  7. April Dunford on product positioning, segmentation, and optimizing your sales process - Lenny’s Podcast: Product | Growth | Career

    April Dunford is the author of the best-selling book Obviously Awesome, a definitive guide to product positioning. She spent 25 years leading marketing, product, and sales teams and now runs her own consulting firm, helping companies of all shapes and sizes nail their positioning. April has worked hands-on with over 200 companies on positioning, including Google, IBM, Postman, and Epic Games.In today’s episode, you’ll learn:1. How does April define positioning?2. How do you assess if your product’s positioning is weak? And strong?3. What are some examples of great products with weak positioning?4. What are the essential five steps to figuring out your product’s positioning?5. What is the difference between positioning vs. messaging vs. branding?6. What’s the difference between segmentation and persona? 7. When should you bring in a professional? 8. Is it essential for a company to always figure out a differentiator and be different?9. How does this concept help you nail sales for enterprise software?Where


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  8. The Strategy Sessions Marketing Podcast, Ep 3 - The USA Edition with Rand Fishkin

    This episode was supposed to celebrate some of the great stuff in the US marketing world. The George Floyd was murdered.

    I nearly binned the whole episode but thought it would be more useful to use the platform to say something about his murder. And also discuss what it’s like being black in the UK.

    Along with that discussion, we also feature Rand Fishkin and Greg Gifford. Rand is the cofounder and CEO of SparkToro, a new tool for audience intelligence and market research. He previously cofounded and led Moz, the SEO software company, and is the author of Lost & Founder: a Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World.

    Rand talks about what it’s like in the US during COVID, the launch of SparkToro and the marketing lessons he picked up alonng the way at Moz. He also talks about his future predictions for Google and what that might mean for the rest of us.

    Greg Gifford is the Vice President of Search at SearchLab and has over 17 years of online marketing and web design experience. He’s an in-demand (and hilarious) conference speaker who lives for an obscure movie quote. Watch his T.O.P.T.I.P if you want to know how you can use Google My Business to help your local rankings.

    Show Notes

    Please check out https://moyeecoffee.ie/

    Rand Fishkin

    You can find Rand on Twitter https://twitter.c

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1L1urNh-Bg
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