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  1. Why War Is So Hard

    In the first interview for the channel, I meet with Havoc_Six, an Army Engineer with extensive insight and experience. We discuss the current situation in Ukraine, the status of Russian defensive lines, the challenges Ukraine will face while trying to attack those lines, and many more topics. This is a fantastic interview, and I greatly appreciate @HotelHavoc for joining!

    Check out his twitter and podcast here: Twitter - https://twitter.com/Havoc_Six Podcast - https://www.youtube.com/@HotelHavoc

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    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M4SsgBgBoE
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  2. Managing Churn For Self-Serve SaaS

    Your hosts discuss how to manage churn and steer it in a more positive direction using cohort analysis and segmentation. This is a reliable way to identify which customer segments are churning out the most, and where in the customer lifecycle you're losing them.

    00:00 Introduction 02:40 Churn As A By-product (The Standard Approach) 04:50 Cohort-Based Churn Analysis 08:38 Cohort-Based Churn Trends 10:31 Upfront Churn: An Opportunity 13:28 Patterns In Churn Segments 18:02 Flying Blind With Aggregate Churn 27:16 Managing Churn: Summary

    Find additional resources and the full transcript here: https://selfservesaas.mn.co/posts/managing-churn-for-self-serve-saas

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX09Z61GJvA&t=6s
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