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  1. The Way Station

    Colin Devroe

    December 4, 2013This week’s guest on The Way Station is Colin Devroe. Colin is a longtime web entrepreneur who has cofounded Plain, the creators of Barley CMS and Barley for Wordpress. We talk about technology and creating products that solve problems.Links:PlainColin on TwitterColin on ADNFavorite Things:Colin’s favorite things: Barley, Twitter Connect & Discover, and IFTTTNoah’s favorite thing: Square CashCategory: Development

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  2. E8: Tesla, Twitter, Blogging with Colin Devroe and Danny Nicolas

    Extra special, and most likely reoccurring, guest Danny Nicolas (@djloche) and I have a conversation about Tesla, Twitter, Blogging and a bunch of other things. 

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  3. E1: Publishing a test - Colin Devroe


    Something new! :)

    Inspired yet again [1] by Manton Reece [2] and his Timetable microcast [3] I’ve decided to start sharing some audio bits here on my site.

    Today I recorded a few short test bits and ended up listening to this one and thought it a perfect representation of what to expect from me. So, here is E1. Enjoy.

    [1] [2] [3]

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