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  1. 109: Dribbble - CodePen Blog

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    This week we’ve got Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornett from Dribbble. Dribbble takes the cake for the business in this series that is the most similar to CodePen. Dribbble was first, paved a good amount of the ground we followed, and we unabashedly take many cues from Dribbble.

    We pick their brains on ideas like the value of meetups, building community, and dealing with spam. We dig into the unusual invite system they use on Dribbble and how that works for them. We talk about their job board and future ideas around that as well as Pro accounts, and the other ways both of our businesses operate.

    Show Links

    Part 1 of our mini-series talking to other businesses: #101 - Sparkbox

    Part 2: #102 - BuySellAds

    Part 3: #103 - Craft

    Part 4: #104 - Zapier

    Part 5: #105 - Honeybadger

    Part 6: #106 - Roost

    Part 7: #107 - Justin Gitlin

    Part 8: #108 -

    Dribbble on Twitter

    Dan Cederholm on Twitter


    Dan Cederholm on Dribbble

    Rich Thornett on Twitter

    Rich Thornett on Dribbble

    Search for care bear on Dribbble

    CodePen on Dribbble


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  2. The Random Show – Drinking Urine, Exploring Japan, and Figuring Out Life

    Coming to you from a late night in rural Japan, this is a special edition of The Random Show. Per usual for The Random Show, I am joined by Kevin Rose (@KevinRose), serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, and all around wild and crazy guy.

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  3. #119: Documentation 2 - CodePen Blog

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    Chris and Marie talk about what it’s like to write and maintain documentation for a complex app. Can documentation also be marketing? What’s it like keeping documentation inside WordPress?

    Show Links

    Chris on CodePen

    Marie on CodePen


    CodePen Documentation: Debug View

    CodePen Job Board

    ShopTalk Show

    Express Scripts Senior UI Developer Job


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  4. Code Review Excuses - Developer Tea

    Podcasts for Designers and Developers. Level up your career.

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  5. What it Means to Rush - Developer Tea

    Podcasts for Designers and Developers. Level up your career.

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  6. 118: Email 2 - CodePen Blog

    Show Description

    Chris, Tim H, and Marie talk about the nuts and bolts of the CodePen’s Spark — the weekly email newsletter that highlights the coolest stuff from the previous week on CodePen. We get into the challenges of getting email just right, from testing the design on various devices to getting it to your inbox each week.

    Show Links

    CodePen Spark






    Advertising on CodePen


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  7. 114: GitLab - CodePen Blog

    Show Description

    CodePen recently switched from GitHub to self-hosted GitLab. We’re happy with it! In this episode, Chris, Rachel, and Tim talk about the differences between GitHub and GitLab, why we decided to make the change, the features we like, and how the team managed the switch.

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    CodePen Pro

    Show Links



    Github Enterprise



    Codeship on CodePen Radio


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  8. 205: People Don’t Use the Weird Parts

    Follow up: MacRumors talks with Lattner


    LLVM Bytecode vs. LLVM Bitcode







    Swift Open Source

    Casey’s love letter to Swift enums

    Swift Evolution "Commonly Rejected Changes" list

    asm.js, WebAssembly & TypeScript


    Casey’s primer series

    Garbage collection vs. ARC




    Go’s garbage collection

    Java Native Interface

    Ending theme by Jonathan Mann

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  9. Questlove Can’t Take a Compliment - Here’s The Thing - WNYC

    Music mastermind Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson talks to Alec Baldwin about Instagram obituaries, the magic of Jimmy Fallon, and how three …

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  10. Candid #38: Winter Photography | Candid

    We answer a listener question about shooting in winter: how to do it, what to bring, and what to watch out for to ensure you and your gear stay safe.

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