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  1. The Incomparable | Ewokalypse (Episode 455)

    We break down the “Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker” teaser trailer scene by scene, speculate about what the title means, question how to balance the closure of the classic saga without straying too far into nostalgia trips, and offer some wild speculation. Then we wrap things up with a discussion of the future of the franchise now that it’s moving (at least temporarily) to the forthcoming Disney+ streaming service.


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  2. So Mini Problems, So Little Time


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  3. Episode 1: ‘81 Minutes’ | Last Seen

    The heist of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is something like the holy grail of art crime. This podcast will look at why not a single artwork has been recovered. But first, we’ll revisit what happened that night.



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  4. #192 Values are the experience with Kim Goodwin - UX Podcast

    Podcast interview with Kim Goodwin. How we can enable organisations to make the decisions that allow great UX to happen?


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  5. WOF 027: Popes, Saints, and the Economy | The Word on Fire Show

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    What is Catholic social teaching and what does it have to say about the economy, business, and our everyday work lives? That’s what Bishop Barron explains in this episode. Surveying the insights of popes and saints, he shows why the Catholic Church rejects socialism and embraces a nuanced, careful endorsement of the market economy.

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  6. To Whom This May Concern [Pilot] — The Daniel G. Podcast Mystery

    To Whom This May Concern…

    Hundreds of handwritten letters are being sent to coffee roasters across the United States. Large and small, new and old, indie and international—these letters all want the same thing: “a replacement” bag of coffee and “an explanation why this happened.”

    We’re looking for an explanation, too.

    “To Whom This May Concern” is a show about the mystery surrounding Daniel G, the prolific letter writer who has contacted over one hundred coffee roasters across the country to complain about stale coffee. Who is Daniel G? How long have they been writing these letters? How many coffee roasters have been contacted?

    We’ll attempt to answer these questions on TWTMC, a new podcast series from Sprudge Media Network. Today we’re excited to present the pilot episode of the series, inspired by shows like S-Town and Serial.

    Download the pilot episode via iTunes or on the iTunes app.

    Stream the episode here.

    “Damn, Daniel, get in touch. We’re dying to know what’s up.” — Vice

    “I’m awaiting the dramatic conclusion to this story as I brew another pour-over.”  — The Takeout


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  7. Do You Love Scary Dinosaurs? J.A. Bayona’s ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Has Scary Dinosaurs | The Big Picture (Ep. 486)

    Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey chats with filmmaker J.A. Bayona about his new film, ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,’ and what it’s like creating a terrifying new dinosaur and diving into a major franchise.


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  8. Why ‘Sicario’ Needed a Sequel, With Stefano Sollima | The Big Picture (Ep. 489)

    The Ringer’s Sean Fennessey and Chris Ryan discuss the unlikely ‘Sicario’ franchise and its approach to violence and morality along the U.S.-Mexico border with ‘Sicario: Day of the Soldado’ director Stefano Sollima.


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  9. The 100 Best TV Episodes of The Century and Mailbag Questions - The Ringer

    Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins join to discuss The Ringer’s recent TV list


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  10. Animal Instincts | Criminal

    Animal Instincts

    Episode #1

    2014-01-30 05:05:09


    In 2001, a woman was found dead in a pool of her own blood. Her husband was convicted of her murder. But a curious neighbor had a different theory… one that brings new meaning to man vs. beast.

    Music: “Alien Observer” by Grouper, “Cities” by Maserati, “C” by Labradford, “Super Hate” by Pele, “Kalimera” by Maserati, “Tchaikovsky and Solitude” by Miniature Tigers, “Irene” by Caribou, “Les Chers Leaders” by Marvin Jouno, and “To Mama” by Mother Falcon.


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