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  1. Under the Radar #120: Productivity by Inefficiency - Relay FM

    Adopting inefficient hacks to save developer time, since hardware is so fast that it’s often a worthwhile tradeoff.

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  2. Under the Radar #70: The Hacks We Ship - Relay FM

    The difference between good and bad hacks, and some glorious hacks we’ve shipped in our apps.

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  3. Bored and Brilliant Challenge 6: Dream House - Note to Self - WNYC Studios

    It’s time to get really bored and make something creative. You might just learn something about yourself. Here are your …

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  4. Bored and Brilliant Challenge 5: One Small Observation - Note to Self - WNYC Studios

    For today’s challenge, we want you to take note of one person, object, or interesting, uninventable detail you would have missed …

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  5. Bored and Brilliant Challenge 4: Take a Fauxcation - Note to Self - WNYC Studios

    Your instructions: Craft an away-message (or use one of ours). Put it up for an hour, an afternoon, or the whole day. …

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  6. Bored and Brilliant Challenge 3: Delete That App - Note to Self - WNYC Studios

    Your instructions for today: Delete that app. And listen in as our favorite casual cell phone video gamer confronts the …

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  7. Bored and Brilliant Challenge 2: Photo Free Day - Note to Self - WNYC Studios

    We take 10 billion (yes, that’s a "b") photos per month, mostly on our phones. Today, we want you to …

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  8. Bored and Brilliant Challenge 1: In Your Pocket - Note to Self - WNYC Studios

    To kick off our week of Bored and Brilliant challenges, try this: on the train, bus, sidewalk, or passenger seat, keep your …

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  9. Promethea Unbound (Audio Version)

    Download the Audm app for iPhone to listen to more great titles from The Atavist, The Atlantic, and many more!

    This article was narrated by Eric Martin.

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Mon, 19 Feb 2018 12:56:17 GMT Available for 30 days after download

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  10. Everything The Network Touches

    The work we’re collectively doing—opening up gradually all of human information and media, making it recombinable, helping people create and share their work—is a huge unspoken, sexy, world-redefining mission.

    It’s a mission that many of us have become blasé about, almost unaware of. It’s a project so large that it’s hard to get a grasp on. And the next few years are going to get even more interesting as the network pervades physical objects and environments, sensing and manifesting information in the real world.

    It’s time to recognise the scale of the project we have in front of us, the breadth of the material we have to work with, and the possibilities of design within it. All of human knowledge, creativity—even the planet itself—is our canvas.

    Tom Coates is a technologist and writer, focused on the shape of the web to come and on developing new concepts that thrive in it. He’s worked for many prominent web companies including Time Out, the BBC and Yahoo! where he was Head of Product for the Brickhouse innovation team. He’s most known for the Fire Eagle location-sharing service, and for his work on social software, future media and the web of data.

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