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  1. Prefill Embeds - CodePen Blog

    Stephen, Marie, and Chris are on to introduce you to the newest feature on CodePen: Prefill embeds.

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  2. Treating Your Brain as More Than a Machine | Developer Tea

    In today’s episode, we’re talking about missed opportunities.

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  3. Does ‘The Rocketeer’ Still Hold Up? - GeekDad

    Jake + Mitch hearken back to sweet ’90s nostalgia of another childhood favorite, Disney’s ’The Rocketeer.’ Because if these guys don’t preserve the legacy of pre-renaissance Comic Flicks, who will?

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  4. ERLC : What we’re advocating for in 2019 | ERLC

    The ERLC publishes a legislative agenda at the beginning of each year to outline the issues and policies we will focus on in our work in Washington, D.C. to serve Southern Baptists and advance the common good. The ERLC policy team, with Lauren Konkol joining the Capitol Conversations roundtable for the first time, talk about our 2019 Legislative Agenda. The team also discusses the new 116th Congress and what to expect in the year ahead.

    Resources from the Conversation

    ERLC 2019 Legislative Agenda

    Here’s how the ERLC advocates for you in Washington, D.C. | Article by Jeff Pickering

    ERLC Public Policy Team

    2019 Evangelicals For Life


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  5. Are You Carrying Your God?

    John Folmar preaches on Isaiah 46:1–13, the burden that comes with idolatry, and the freedom that comes from worshiping the God who saves.

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  6. I’m Tired and Busy — How Do I Make Time for the Bible? | Desiring God

    We wake up every day needing to meet God in his word. Don’t leave the word to fill the cracks. Force other things into the cracks.

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  7. How Can We Prioritize Our Marriage over Work and Kids? | Desiring God

    Marriages die from neglect but grow with God-centered time and attention. Pastor John gives six ways to feed your marriage the time it needs.

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  8. Is the Church Where Creativity Goes to Die?

    Thomas Terry and Ryan Lister talk about the place of creativity and art in the church and why they are needed for mission and discipleship.

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  9. How Do I Know If I’m Loving My Wife Well? | Desiring God

    The Bible calls husbands to lead their wives. But where should you go for help if you’ve never seen anyone model Christlike leadership in the home?

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  10. How to Create a 3-Month SEO Plan with Neil Patel - Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert

    Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

    Million Dollar Club Student Spotlight with Anna Digilio

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