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  1. Televised school sport - great exposure, or breeding elitism

    The move to televise school sport is being called ‘catastrophic’ for the future of New Zealand sport in the community, by the journalist investigating it.

    But NZME’s Dylan Cleaver says it’s not too late to stop it.

    Today The Detail looks at the uproar over the move, and the complicated mix of players clashing over who owns school sport.

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  2. How a young white supremacist did a radical u-turn

    In today’s podcast Caleb Cain talks to Emile Donovan about how he found his way out of that way of thinking, to the extent that he travelled to New Zealand for the first anniversary of the mosque attacks, in a gesture of support.

    To turn himself around he used the same medium that got him involved in the alt-right world in the first place - YouTube.

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