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  1. RNZ - Extra Time

    In Extra Time this week - Sideline violence and abuse continues on New Zealand’s sporting fields and it appears there is nothing in place to stop it.

    The panel discusses the issue of clubs and teams taking responsibility for the actions of those playing and watching.

    The New Zealand Rugby Players Association has come up with an alternative plan to the propsed sale of part of New Zealand Rugby commercial arm to a foreign investor, but is the game’s governing body interested.

    And more and more of our top women’s sports stars are suffering from mental fatigue and are taking time away from their sport…. are they getting the necessary support?

    Join Barry Guy on RNZ Sport’s Extra Time.

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  2. Death, mana and Peter Ellis: lawyer Natalie Coates

    New Zealand legal history was made earlier this month when the Supreme Court allowed former Christchurch Civic Creche worker Peter Ellis’s appeal against charges of sexual offending to continue, despite the fact he died in September last year.

    It will be the first time in Aotearoa that a conviction is appealed by a dead person.

    Ellis’ lawyer Natalie Coates spoke to Saturday Morning about the case and the cultural significance of the precedent.

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  3. Televised school sport - great exposure, or breeding elitism

    The move to televise school sport is being called ‘catastrophic’ for the future of New Zealand sport in the community, by the journalist investigating it.

    But NZME’s Dylan Cleaver says it’s not too late to stop it.

    Today The Detail looks at the uproar over the move, and the complicated mix of players clashing over who owns school sport.

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  4. How a young white supremacist did a radical u-turn

    In today’s podcast Caleb Cain talks to Emile Donovan about how he found his way out of that way of thinking, to the extent that he travelled to New Zealand for the first anniversary of the mosque attacks, in a gesture of support.

    To turn himself around he used the same medium that got him involved in the alt-right world in the first place - YouTube.

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  5. David Neiwert - The Rise of the Radical Right

    A journalist, author and expert in American right-wing extremism, Neiwert has appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Newsroom, and The Rachel Maddow Show.

    His latest book is called Alt America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump, and he’ll be speaking about it at the WORD Christchurch festival on 30 August.

    "They are fundamentally a white nationalist outfit, basically a movement that is predicated on a heavy dose of misogyny," he tells Saturday Morning’s Kim Hill.

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  6. Sarah Kenderdine - Cultural heritage in the age of experience

    Professor Sarah Kenderdine is a New Zealander at the forefront of interactive and emersive experiences for galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and increasingly, some of the world’s most precious heritage sites. She is the founding director of the trans-disciplinary Expanded Perception and Interaction Centre, at the University of New South Wales Art and Design.

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