Lisa Brennan-Jobs and the design, production, and writing of memoir

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  1. On Margins 007: Craig Mod Interviiews Lisa Brennan Jobs

    Lisa Brennan-Jobs and the design, production, and writing of memoir Lisa Brennan-Jobs Small Fry

    An interview with Lisa Brennan-Jobs, author of the best selling memoir, Small Fry. Lisa and Craig Mod discuss the design, production, and writing of this fascinating book about family, identity, and the complications of growing up in Palo Alto as the daughter of Steve Jobs.

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  2. Tactility, delight, and publishing: the changing face of media platforms - Craig Mod - Gigaom Roadmap 2014

    Designer, writer and entrepreneur Craig Mod studies how the design of publishing is evolving. He’ll talk about the little details in publishing design that are signalling big changes ahead for media platforms.

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  3. The Pipeline #53: Craig Adams - 5by5

    Craig Adams, creator of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery joins Dan Benjamin to talk about creating the game, Steve Jobs and Nintendo’s Miyamoto, the importance of crafting user experience, impossible transitions, and “pretending long enough” to be successful.

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  4. Brennan on the IOC still aiming for the 2020 Olympics to start in late July

    USA Today columnist, Christine Brennan comments on the likelihood the Tokyo Games can go on as scheduled, the challenges that comes with postponing the event for a year, the degree of seriousness the virus is given in America, and when its severity first hit her.

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