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  1. Lisa Brennan-Jobs and the design, production, and writing of memoir

    An interview with Lisa Brennan-Jobs, author of the best selling memoir, Small Fry. Lisa and Craig Mod discuss the design, production, and writing of this fascinating book about family, identity, and the complications of growing up in Palo Alto as the daughter of Steve Jobs.

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  2. The Worst Performance Review

    Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, 360…no matter what form they take, performance reviews can be anxiety-inducing workplace rituals. In today’s episode, we talk to the head of HR at an HR software company (meta!) and a Basecamp designer about why helpful feedback is so difficult to give and receive—and what can be done to improve the process.

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  3. A Dark Age of Objective-C

    John Siracusa and Dan Benjamin revisit Apple’s GUI history, complain about TiVo some more, then explore the possibility of another Copland-like crisis looming in Apple’s future. What will replace Objective-C and Cocoa? What can?

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    Casey upgrades his podcasting setup after an awkward Apple store experience Follow-up: App Store Woes Panic’s Transmit woes reversed DragonDrop Timebar Launcher Crossy Road financials PS4 DLNA support is coming (via @asendra_) Plex has announced PS4 support (via @returnedlast) However, rollout will be staggered Sleazy Twitter app scans Nick Arnott corrects Marco Christmas comes early for John, perhaps because of Romain Moisescot Pastebot (RIP) Microsoft Acquires Hockey App Azure Mobile Services Should HTTP or HTTPS be the default browser state? HTTPS Everywhere Eric Schmidt is confused, as usual Finally, a very special after-show, starting with John missing WindowShade (image).

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  5. Why Doctors Hate Their Computers

    Digitization promises to make medical care easier and more efficient. But are screens coming between doctors and patients?

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  6. The free speech panic: how the right concocted a crisis – podcast | News | The Guardian

    Snowflake students have become the target of a new rightwing crusade. But exaggerated claims of censorship reveal a deeper anxiety at the core of modern conservatism

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  7. Free Agents #48: Lousy With the Stink of Freedom, with Merlin Mann - Relay FM

    Relay FM | Free Agents #48: Lousy With the Stink of Freedom, with Merlin Mann

    Podcaster Merlin Mann joins us to discuss his long journey as an independent worker, during which he’s pivoted from tech guy to productivity expert to a specializer in cult hits.

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  8. David Neiwert - The Rise of the Radical Right

    A journalist, author and expert in American right-wing extremism, Neiwert has appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Newsroom, and The Rachel Maddow Show.

    His latest book is called Alt America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump, and he’ll be speaking about it at the WORD Christchurch festival on 30 August.

    "They are fundamentally a white nationalist outfit, basically a movement that is predicated on a heavy dose of misogyny," he tells Saturday Morning’s Kim Hill.

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  9. Built to Scale: Why “Pause” for a Design System?

    Design that doesn’t scale well hurts—it’s a short-term approach impacting product sprints and ability to ship quickly. Design systems offer a magic solution, but the pause in engineering resource is not easy to justify. They’re not just about pretty buttons—they’re about speed-to-fixability that ensures silo’ed bugs don’t sink your UX. Hear from (+ learn from the mistakes of) the Airbnb, Eventbrite & Pinterest folks involved in selling in of concept, proof of value, & successful creation of a DS.

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  10. Breaking down design systems to atomic elements (w/ Brad Frost, Atomic Design)

    We are honored to have with us today, the inspiring Brad Frost – Founder and inventor of the “Atomic Design” system.

    Brad started out as a web designer. Started at agency work, then got into doing client work, started a shop, and eventually started consulting for teams, doing workshops, writing a blog and hosting a podcast.

    Besides being a web designer, a developer, an author and a podcast host, Brad’s background as a musician also connect with his work.

    In this episode, Brad shared his thoughts and insights about how to build a design system, collaborate better, and how to implement that state of mind into your organization.

    This is the sixth episode of the third season of the Hacking UI podcast – ‘Scaling a Career’.

    In this season we have 10 amazing guests for you, who are leaders and influencers from a variety of different backgrounds. Design managers, development leaders, entrepreneurs and product geniuses that we admire, and we’ll be sharing a new episode every Thursday.

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