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  1. a16z Podcast: Scaling Companies and Culture

    In this episode of the a16z Podcast sharing more founder stories, Ben Horowitz interviews a16z partner Lars Dalgaard about SuccessFactors, one of the earlier software-as-a-service companies. (It was founded on 2001, IPO’d in 2008, and was acquired by SAP in 2012).

    SuccessFactors focused on software for "human capital management" in the enterprise. But what are the success factors in talent, scaling companies, and most importantly, scaling culture? Lars and Ben cover everything from what motivates (the best) founders, the difficulties of entrepreneurship, and team building and building culture. Especially if you have values — not just an HR offsite exercise — that mean something, like "no assholes!" …. but then how do you balance a value like that with the desire to succeed (for example, if you have a 10Xer who is an asshole)?? All that and more in this episode.

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  2. User Defenders : The Little Details Can Make A Big Difference with Jordan Dobson

    Jordan Dobson inspires us to never stop learning and be generous in sharing knowledge with others. He encourages us to craft prototypes in order to gain valuable insight early and often. He challenges designers to gain empathy for their developers by learning a bit about code. He also shows us how the little details can make a big difference.

    Jordan Dobson is a hybrid designer, developer and prototyping visionary with over 17 years of experience. He brings motion into visual, product & UI design to build amazing digital products. He’s a freelancer currently contracting at Skype. He’s worked at Microsoft and is also co-founder of the Seattle FramerJS Meetup. Back in the day he could ollie off a launch ramp clearing four trash cans & land it.

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  3. #123: Gittip and Open Companies with Chad Whitacre - The Changelog

    Adam and Jerod talk with Chad Whitacre the Founder of Gittip to talk about what’s new this year for Gittip and the directions they are taking.

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    Show notes:

    #87: Sustaining Open Source / Building an Open Company with Chad Whitacre

    The Open Company Initiative

    whit537 – Gittip


    Building Gittip

    Building Gittip — Medium

    ashedryden – Gittip

    shanley – Gittip

    sudoroom – Gittip

    andyet – Gittip

    Building Gittip – Mission

    Turning Down TechCrunch — Building Gittip — Medium


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  4. Funsize - Hustle - Building Internal Products at an Agency (feat. Steven Ray)

    42 Minutes

    Building Internal Products at an Agency (feat. Steven Ray)

    Steven Ray and Anthony Armendariz go way back. They had a company together prior to Funsize and in addition to hearing Steve’s experience at Dialexa, they also tell the story of starting up a distributed mobile design boutique years ago.Since the Funsize office was taken over by sxsw, we decided to hang out in Anthony’s kitchen and lay down some thoughts about our experiences together. Including how Rick first met Anthony which was the same time he met Steven Ray.

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  5. Success Habor Podcast: How to Build a 5-Figure/Month Business

    Adam Connell had built a 5-figure per month business working about 10-hours a month.  Adam has also built a gaming blog with 15,000 monthly visitors without link building.  In the following interview Adam offers great advice on how to build a successful blog and create awareness about your business.

     Say hi to Adam at

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    George Meszaros

    George Meszaros is the editor and co-founder of Success Harbor where entrepreneurs learn about building successful companies. Success Harbor is dedicated to document the entrepreneurial journey through interviews, original research, and unique content. George Meszaros is also co-founder of Webene, a web design and digital marketing agency.

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    How To Plan A Website That Beats Your Competition - September 10, 2014

    How To Bring Order To Chaos In Life and In Business – with David Allen Bestselling Author - September 9, 2014

    How To Find The Right Hosting Company For Your Business - September 8, 2014


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  6. NB012 – Building a Loyal Audience with Jason Zook | Nathan Barry

    Wracking your brain trying to develop the best marketing campaign? When you think about it, marketing is really just big companies competing for attention. But I’m here to tell you about one of the biggest cheats these companies are missing out on. While they’re too busy fighting each other over a few seconds of everyone’s time, you can be working toward building an audience. That’s right, an audience. When you have an audience, you already have a group of people who want to pay attention to you!

    I’ve created this podcast to help those of us running our own businesses online build our audiences and our success. I’m talking about personal experiences, I’m bringing on guests who have used social media in unique and interesting ways, and I’m going to teach you how to build yourself an audience that goes beyond creating a simple email list. On today’s episode, I’ve invited Jason Zook to talk about how his audience helped build his brand and helped him succeed as an entrepreneur.

    “Building a really great audience that you have a conversation with is only going benefit everything that you’re doing tenfold,” Jason says on today’s show. And he offers advice on email marketing and building an online community that you can start using today in order to start that conversation. Along with his insights, this podcast is chock full of tips for:

    Getting your customers excited about your brand

    Learning the difference between hard work and luck

    Building an online community that’s dedicated to your brand and your products

    Jason’s peculiar insight on what it’s like to auction off your own last name

    Listen in and let us know what you think! Share your audience building tips, let me know what topics you want to hear about, and leave us a review on iTunes.

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  7. Offline Web Experiences with Jeremy Keith «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    Why should we plan for offline? How can service workers help? Developer and author Jeremy Keith dives into the whys and hows of building good offline web experiences.

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