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  1. Samberg, Taccone And Schaffer: Three’s Not A Lonely Island : NPR

    As the brains behind the hip-hop parody group responsible for digital shorts like "D—- in a Box," Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer have produced some of the funniest Saturday Night Live material in recent memory. Here, they talk about comedy, Yo! MTV Raps and adolescence.

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  2. WTF #459 - Andy Samberg

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  3. WTF #460 - Will Forte

    Will Forte had given up on thoughts of becoming an actor when he settled down into a successful career as a television comedy writer for several hit shows. Will tells Marc how he got roped back into the performance world, what led to a completely pressure-free audition for Saturday Night Live, and why he never seriously believed he would get a role in Alexander Payne’s new film Nebraska. Today’s episode is sponsored by Hover and by Slingbox.

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  4. Joaquin Phoenix: The (First And Last?) Fresh Air Interview : NPR

    The elusive actor tells Fresh Air about his new film, Her; his wacky 2009 David Letterman interview; and what it was like to be a child actor. But he insists he’s not really that interesting: "If I was driving and I heard this, I’d change the channel."

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  5. #1: A Podcast | How To Start

    Even in the title there’s a central dilemma: "Podcast" is a branding term, derived specifically to complement Apple’s iPod, and somehow came to represent a whole world of internet audio. Not an easy topic to cover — certainly not in under an hour — especially when I myself am learning on the job. Good thing…

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  6. WTF 450 - Will Ferrell

    Will Ferrell shares the full story of his rise to comedy superstardom, from his days trying to make it as a stand-up comic to his "graduate work" with The Groundlings to his standout run on SNL to his unstoppable movie career. Plus, Will provides inside stories about some of his most popular projects, like Anchorman, Eastbound and Down, and Old School. This episode is sponsored by Click on the radio mic and enter WTF to start a no-risk trial with a $110 bonus offer.

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  7. Fresh Air Weekend: The Coen Brothers And ‘Anchorman 2’ : NPR

    Filmmaking duo Joel and Ethan Coen talk about the writing process, Inside Llewyn Davis, disobedient cats, and the cult status of their 1998 film The Big Lebowski. And Adam McKay and Will Ferrell discuss Ron Burgundy, making movies, and that epic ‘stache.

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  8. Top 8 Magic #357 - Walking, Talking, and Jaywalking in Seattle - |

    Top 8 Magic #357 – Walking, Talking, and Jaywalking in Seattle

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download (Duration: 1:17:31 — 35.5MB)

    Brian David-Marshall and guest co-host Marshall Sutcliffe wander the streets of Seattle, and record a podcast! Scars block draft, what it means to play pro Magic, live parking tickets, Theros limited, and of course, basketball.

    Your Hosts:

    Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall – @top8games

    Limited Resource Marshall Sutcliffe – @Marshall_LR

    Absent but not forgotten, Michael J Flores – @fivewithflores

    Deckade! []

    You can subscribe to all of the podcasts from the network using these links: (RSS) (iTunes)

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  9. WTF #445 - Edgar Wright

    Director Edgar Wright is in the garage to tell Marc how his lifelong obsession with television and movies of every stripe led him to developing a distinctive style for his movies like Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim and The World’s End. Also, Edgar reveals how his mother’s conspiracy theories about the Freemasons running Edgar’s childhood town spawned the plot of Hot Fuzz. This episode is sponsored by GoToMeeting by Citrix. Try it free right now using the offer code WTF.

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  10. Let’s Make Mistakes #113: The Last Word on XOXO

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